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Full TimeReact$120,000-$170,000, 1%-4% equity
Posted 2 years ago

Sidebar is an early-stage company building drop-in audio and video for distributed teams, and we're looking for a lead front-end engineer to help us craft the platform and take the lead on products.

We got into this believing that if remote work is to succeed, we're going to need a different type of platform, one that makes spontaneous communication the default. We want to bring back the fast, organic chats and collaboration of high-performing team. Everything we do is about making it dead simple to talk to people in your company. 

We do this with drop-in voice and video rooms, one-click conversations, and by creating a sense of presence (without being intrusive). 

We recently raised a pre-seed round and are getting ready to test our alpha on early users (at this point, mostly our friends who run companies). 

This is a role with really high upside and we want a first-class engineer who's ready to take a small risk and be the first hire on our team. 

**The role**

You'll work alongside our CTO to build the core features of our web, dekstop, and mobile apps. You'll have your hand in everything and we're looking for someone who has strong opinions about the best way to tackle each challenge. You'll architect our front-end and build a range of new user-facing features 

You should be excited to get in on the ground floor. As the team grows, you'll be able to take on responsibility for products and the teams working on them.

We spent the past year building a highly-regarded, highly-performant video chat app for social gatherings ( and recently pivoted to building the virtual office. That means we already have a pretty robust audio/video stack and are creating the interface to support the new mission.

Our stack is Rails, React, MobX, Postgres, Redis, Heroku, Netlify, and Electron

Must have

Expertise in React and modern Javascript

Experience scaling apps

In general likes to write tests

4+ years of experience writing software

Nice to have

Knowledge of Ruby on Rails

Knowledge in MobX

Knowledge of Electron

The right fit

We're looking for someone with strong communication skills, who wants to work remotely, but still wants a team vibe (we want you to "live" the product).

Our CTO is in Seattle and our CEO (who leads product) is in NY. We would like someone who overlaps with them a good part of the day for effective collaboration.

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