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Who we are

Widerfunnel is an organization that intends to prove that evidence-based decisions get the best results. Our people are our engine to achieve this, and we believe our unique culture is the fuel. Our culture is built on a shared set of values, behaviours, practices, attitudes and goals that characterize us. And our values - GRIT, REAL, MAVERICK, CURIOSITY and INTEGRITY - are at the core of everything we do. Here you get to work with super talented, passionate people who will challenge you to do your very best everyday.  Join us to advance your career in a place where co-creation and collaboration are embedded into the DNA.

We’re a team that is all pulling in the same direction. We’re interested in collective success, and we support each other fully without ego or drama. Get your hands dirty, dig in, fail, succeed, learn. Own your role.

What's in it for you? 

  • Be a part of a team of highly intelligent, high-performing individuals, who are committed to doing excellent work. We always do what's best for our clients and for each other. 
  • We seek and share the truth with humility. We encourage people to bring their whole selves to work. We're proud to be an inclusive company that admires authenticity. 
  • We dare to challenge old ideas. Here at Widerfunnel, we know that the diverse perspectives on our team have led to some amazing work, and ultimately, our success as a company. 
  • Feel the connection and comfort that comes from working toward shared goals with people that respect, value, and support you, the opportunity to make an impact is endless.
  • We are committed to continuous improvement in ourselves and in every single thing we do. How this is activated may look different from person to person in our team, but we want to be surrounded and inspired by people who are growing and achieving in everything they do, in both their work and personal lives. It’s just how we’re wired.
  • We persevere through any obstacle. If you love challenges, you should know we do challenging things and we do them well. We know challenges are inevitable, and when they arise, we’re ready to take them in stride. We’ll find a smart solution and relentlessly push to the goal
  • Have fun with our team, even while we’re working remotely—join us for an online scrabble session, our virtual around the world trips, at-home fitness challenges, or even an online fundraiser! 



As a developer with solid, pixel-perfect HTML/CSS skills, you will be responsible for supporting our clients’ experimentation activities by building test variations, and providing split testing & web analytics technical implementation with the support of Widerfunnel’s Technical Lead.  

At Widerfunnel, we are leaders in validation, known for building proven growth programs for leading companies. We deliver results for clients — fast, as a premium solution, with high touch service. 

We are a diverse and inclusive team rooted in a foundation of respect and openness. Our company values – grit, maverick, curiosity, integrity, and real – are at the center of how we hire, how we work, and how we treat one another. At Widerfunnel, you can bring your most authentic self to work, merging your personal and professional lives together. 



  • Technologically savvy, always meeting and exceeding high standards of accuracy and quality?
  • Capable of working within established systems, standards and procedures?
  • Able to identify technical problems and develop sound, carefully thought-out solutions?    
  • A firm, factual communicator, able to complete quick decisions in response to changing conditions?



  • Support Widerfunnel’s A/B testing projects by developing primarily on client’s web front-end code variations for our clients A/B and MVT tests using HTML/CSS and JS DOM-manipulation (ES6, jQuery, AJAX, SASS, Responsive and Mobile Design, Testing & Debugging and Cross Browser development)
  • Develop simple experiments using a front-end framework (eg. React, Angular, Vue, etc..) and Single Page App (SPA) website 
  • Develop Widerfunnel internal project management and participate in technical R&D projects
  • Evaluate business goals and strategies to develop tracking, tagging, segmentation (custom attributes) methods to provide accurate data-based results to measure success
  • Perform quality assurance tests with excellent debugging skills.
  • Assist Delivery Team with any pre-design/pre-development solutions
  • Understand basic GIT/Version control workflow such as Repos, Branches, Pull Request (PR), Clone, Commit, Push, Rebase, Resolve Conflict, etc…
  • Support Delivery Team in weekly call to answer any technical issue from clients if needed



  • Understand basic workflow and features of A/B tools like Optimizely, VWO, Adobe Target, Google Optimize, etc..
  • Basic knowledge of tracking and analytics services such as GA, GTM, Hotjar, FullStory, etc…
  • Basic knowledge of DevOps skills on how to setup localhost/staging environment (ie. Node, PHP)
  • Understand how to use internal project management such as JIRA, Asana, gSuite



  • 1+ year front end technologies and frameworks such as HTML5, SASS, Javascript (ES6), ReactJS, VueJS, NodeJS.
  • You have a github account and contribute to online developer communities.
  • Natural maverick with curiosity to problem solve.


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