Lead Mobile Software Engineer


We’re looking to bring on a mobile engineer to advance the foundation of our product, take ownership of our mobile codebase, and strongly influence the direction of our engineering team. In the early days, we’re all individual contributors, but the right candidate could easily move into technical leadership or people management as the team grows.

The ideal candidate is driven by autonomy and ownership, kind and cooperative, and ready to make a huge impact on the future of our team. We're quite open to betting on someone looking to take the next step in their career toward technical leadership or that next level of seniority.

About the Job

From a technical perspective, we want to deliver large amounts of value as quickly and sustainably as possible, and we use technologies that enable that aim. For our mobile application, that means we use React Native with Realm and TypeScript to deliver an iOS + Android app quickly. On the web, we use Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, and Stimulus (with Typescript). Lastly, for infrastructure, we deploy containers to ECS, managed via Terraform. 

While this role is for a mobile software engineer, we’d love to bring someone on who is interested in working across the stack if the opportunity presents itself.

Over the course of your first year, you’ll solve or collaborate on problems like:

  • Establishing mobile patterns that allow us to continue iterating quickly and confidently
  • Evaluating our build and deploy pipeline to ensure we’re shipping effectively
  • Ensuring the CampusOptics application works well with degraded connectivity
  • Enhancing our interactive maps and geospatial capabilities

That’s not to mention an entire product roadmap that we’re really excited about, most of which will have key mobile components.

Currently, the entire CampusOptics team is working remotely. After the pandemic, we intend to return to spending part of our time in the office, so we’re currently preferring candidates living in or eventually willing to relocate to Austin.

About CampusOptics

Nearly 15 years ago, one of our cofounders was involved in a tragic fire on his college campus, and he lost 3 of his friends. He learned later that those lives could have been saved had the house’s safety equipment functioned correctly. In the intervening years, some institutions have adopted technology to help with some aspects of their safety programs, but most programs are still run by brittle spreadsheets and institutional knowledge.

While his story was the genesis of CampusOptics, 18 months of market research and product development show that this is both a meaningful mission and a badly-needed product. We’ve heard from hundreds of institutions and implemented multiple customers whom you have certainly heard of.

A startup is always a risk, but our team has significant experience and a strong track record starting and building successful software companies in higher ed, and our early customers are raving fans.

How To Apply

I’m Joshua Cody, the hiring manager. You can email me at, and let me know a little about yourself, what interests you, and why you might be a fit.

The interview process will consist of 4 steps:

  • 30-60 minutes - An introductory phone call or virtual coffee to talk more about your skills and background and let you ask any questions you have.
  • 60-120 minutes - A deeper technical call, over video, to talk tech together. We'll go deeper on our own experiences and preferences in common technologies, and we'll take a guided tour of the CampusOptics codebase, where you can ask questions and share your own overlapping experiences.
  • 30-60 minutes - You’ll have a chance to meet other team members, including Joe, who is our CEO and a cofounder.

By then, we should all have a good idea if there’s a mutual fit, and we’ll see if working together makes sense.

I look forward to hearing from you, and don’t hesitate to contact me directly if you have any questions at all.

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