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Obesity is America’s underlying pandemic, and science shows that lasting weight loss is driven by improving our metabolic health.

At Calibrate, we’re defining metabolic health as a new consumer category, one that mirrors what the research shows—that weight reflects our biology, not our willpower. Our program was designed by world leaders in obesity and nutrition science to drive long-term weight loss in a way that’s proven to be impactful, realistic, and sustainable.  

To bring Calibrate to everyone who needs it, we’re building the first direct-to-consumer telemedicine business within the healthcare ecosystem, aligning incentives for doctors, insurers, pharmaceutical companies, and consumers. By leveraging technology, Calibrate is closing the gap in care for 175mm American adults in a $600bn market where Americans spend millions of dollars and do not lose millions of pounds.

Our doctor-guided program defines a new standard of clinical care, bringing decades of academic research to everyone, everywhere. Calibrate combines FDA-approved metabolic medication with a holistic curriculum and 1:1 virtual coaching sessions that drive lasting behavior change. The result is a metabolic reset that delivers sustainable weight loss and success beyond the scale, with improved whole-body health that enables our members to embrace a new day-to-day.

About The Role 

We are looking for a Senior Full-Stack Engineer to join as our first software engineering hire. As an early member of the team, you are not just an engineer. You will have the chance to define and work on the foundational elements of the company, work closely with the founding team and set the technical direction of the product.

The ideal candidate is as passionate about creating seamless customer experiences as they are about solving complex infrastructure problems with elegant solutions. You will plan, architect, build and own our highly scalable systems, and partner with the product team to bring customer touchpoints to life. 

Who We Are:

  • A passionate, people-minded and mission-driven group of product, technical and medical professionals from companies like One Medical, Oscar Health, Capsule and more.
  • Solution-oriented and motivated by complex challenges that have a deep impact.

Products you will build and work on:

  • Consumer facing application (mobile and web) to engage and change behaviors to improve weight health.
  • AI telehealth communication platform (chat, video, phone) between patients and providers.
  • Doctor and coaching internal platform that helps our team efficiently deliver the right care to the right members at the right time.
  • Growth product and infrastructure to drive sales from initial ad campaigns through conversion.
  • Robust internal framework that connects to external healthcare and non-healthcare data sources.


  • As the first engineer on the team, take ownership of custom applications, set the technical direction for the company, and grow and manage the engineering organization. 
  • Partner with the Head of Product to design and build our first scalable, consumer and internal platforms to launch and grow a brand new healthcare company.
  • Develop and scale the internal and externally facing product.
  • This can either be a senior level individual contributor or have a management track, depending on your experience and interest! 


  • 5+ years of software engineering experience shipping production level code. Should be able to hit the ground running and be comfortable deploying a change in the first week. 
  • Broad experience with frontend and backend programming (Python/JavaScript/CSS/HTML for languages, and Django / React for frameworks)
  • Experience with relational databases, like PostgreSQL
  • Experience working on applications from scratch through multiple iterations, embedded with a product and design team
  • Deep understanding of the "behind-the-scenes" of consumer facing web applications.
  • Deep understanding of core modern web service concepts such as API design and data modelling.
  • Driven to translate business problems and user requirements and into robust solutions alongside product and design.
  • Collaborative and eager to work with product, and non-technical members of the team.
  • Experience working with greenfield projects is a plus!


Calibrate launched Summer 2020 and has raised $27.6mm in Seed and Series A funding from leading healthcare and consumer investors, including Threshold Ventures, Forerunner Ventures, and Redesign Health. Our team helped build businesses at the intersection of technology, consumer, and healthcare, including Capsule, Oscar, One Medical, Galileo, Ro, Rent the Runway, Harry’s and more. Our Clinical Advisors include Donna Ryan, the President of the World Obesity Federation, and Darriush Mozafarrian, cardiologist and Dean at the Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy.

Calibrate is committed to bringing together people from different backgrounds and perspectives to deliver real results for our members. 

Calibrate recruits, employs, compensates, and promotes regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, gender identity, disability, age, veteran status, and other protected status as required by applicable law and as a matter of our company values.


We’re in this together: We have an audacious mission, and we’re building a lot of things for the first time — from the first DTC pharma business within the healthcare ecosystem to the data infrastructure for providing real-world evidence in the largest category of chronic disease. It takes superpowers to build something simple and intuitive within the complex healthcare market, so we identify and work as a team from our individual points of strength. Not everyone has to be good at everything, but we know that when we harness what we’re each great at, we’re unstoppable.

Small wins create big wins: We ground every experience in optimism, recognizing and celebrating successes along the way. We break projects down into smaller components. And we focus on where we have momentum. We always plan for larger goals with the knowledge that our plans will evolve as we achieve smaller milestones.

You’re in control: While we’re headquartered in New York, we don’t let location stand in the way of the best talent — and from coaches to engineers, many of us are fully remote. Our business is multi-faceted, so each Calibrater is hired to be an expert in their piece of it — in control of their own initiatives, in control of their own impact, and in control of driving their own (real) results.

Real results matter: We’re obsessed with outcomes because when our members win, we win, and the data proves that we’ve built the best metabolic health program on the market. We’re purposeful, optimistic, and relentlessly confident that we can solve the biggest medical issue of the 21st century.

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