Front-End Engineer

React jobs at Section4


About us:
Section4 is a new business media company that delivers data-driven analytics and insight via video and audio. Technology has rendered ad-supported linear TV and conventional business journalism obsolete, and a generation of young professionals require discoverable and on-demand analysis. We are building a rebel force to speak truth-to-power and arm the resistance (startups and Fortune 1000 firms) with data and analysis to compete with tech monopolies.

About the role:
Section4 is on a mission to transform news and insights for business professionals from droning and soulless into exciting, useful and highly insightful. To do this, we are building a world-class video-first experience for both mobile and web using primarily Javascript-based technologies, specifically React and React Native.

This is an opportunity to join an emerging Product & Engineering team, and to play a key role in building a platform that redefines how business intelligence is consumed. You will work closely and collaboratively with a multi-functional team, and will have a say in the overall direction and evolution of the mobile and web platforms.

Our expectations:
- Within your first few weeks, you will build a deep understanding of Section4 and its technology infrastructure, coding style and standards, and will contribute code to the repository (at least 2 features to our existing projects).
- By the end of month 3, you will take over one part of the Section4 platform, based on your interests and passion, and drive its continued improvement and development.

Your role will continue to evolve. Some projects will be ad hoc, others longer-term. The types of problems we are trying to solve include:
- How can we optimize the onboarding flow for customer conversion?
- How can we deliver content to our users in a way that informs without consuming too much time?
- How can we enable content discovery to identify the most valuable content?

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