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Front-End Engineer


Sokanu is looking for a Front-End engineer to help us improve upon our world-class career test as well as helping us continuously evolve our Front-End stack.

Roles and Responsibilities

- Developing and improving existing user interfaces
- Creating React component libraries for use in a multi-service environment
- Developing and maintaining test coverage for our front-end code
- Translating designs from our design team into functional web applications

Required Skills

- Solid knowledge of semantic and accessible HTML5
- Solid knowledge of SASS/SCSS
- Solid knowledge of React and JavaScript (ES2018)
- Experience with Git and Github
- Familiarity with HTML templating engines, like Django
- Understanding of HTTP/HTTP2

Helpful Skills

- Familiarity with using InVision and Sketch
- Familiarity with module bundlers, like Webpack
- Familiarity working in a test-driven environment
- Familiarity with analytics platforms, like Mixpanel
- Understanding of CDNs like CloudFront and Cloudinary
- Understanding of CI/CD pipelines (We use CircleCI)
- Docker experience
- Working knowledge of AWS, including:
- Amazon CloudFront
- Amazon S3
- Amazon ECS
- Amazon ECR
- Amazon EC2
- Understanding of Terraform

About Sokanu

Sokanu is the world's leading career test, providing career recommendations to millions of users. We are a small team of roughly 20 people, the most of which are product oriented. We build really good product, and are in the process of expanding our great technology into more areas. Come help us!

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