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Frontend Developer

Boson Protocol

Why work with us

Boson Protocol is advancing the world of commerce by enabling enterprises, organisations, and customers to bridge the divide between digital decentralized technologies and the transfer and trade of physical goods. 

Our vision is for Boson to become the basic plumbing for dCommerce and its data on the emerging decentralized web, where the value captured is distributed equitably between token holders and protected from capture by a single centralized entity. Read more about us here: 

If you are passionate about revolutionizing ​the way commerce works by bridging the gap between blockchain technology and real world asset transfers, we hope you apply to  join us!


Role Summary

We are looking for a fast paced, level headed, proactive Frontend Dapp Developer. The ideal candidate has in-depth knowledge of the blockchain industry, proven experience building robust Frontend for Dapp’s that have subsequently been launched onto Blockchain platforms. A strong grasp of coding best practices also.     


What you will do:

  • Build out frontend application(s) using React, interacting with Boson Protocol’s core smart contracts and backend 
  • Implement reusable components, hooks and unit tests
  • Style frontend application(s) to an exceptional standard using SCSS  / other styling implementation(s), with designs etc being provided by Boson Protocol’s specialist design team
  • Ensure code quality and software reliability through automated test implementations, UI/UX testing, and processes
  • Potential for rapid iteration of frontend prototypes and designs
  • Leverage Boson Protocol’s existing codebases to avoid duplication of work
  • Write relevant documentation relating to the frontend application(s); contributions towards Boson Protocol’s open source software SDK where applicable
  • Regularly report progress in team meetings and 1:1s
  • Occasional presentations of your work to the broader team / demos


For this role, you must be able to demonstrate:

  • Familiarity with modern software architecture techniques for building modular and testable applications
  • Knowledge of Ethereum, familiarity with its rivals
  • Encouraging colleagues in continuous improvement
  • Good communication skills, keen on coordinating with (and developing where appropriate) other remote developers
  • Keen to encourage transparency and engage with best practices
  • Calm under pressure, balancing rapid-iterations with high quality deliverables 
  • A good understanding of github, full stack development and testing (with containerization / serverless)
  • A strong experience with React (including hooks, JavaScript or Typescript), SCSS & other styling implementations
  • Redux
  • Ethers.js library
  • Agile working practices


You’ll have an advantage if you have experience of:

  • Firebase
  • Ruby
  • GraphQL
  • Typescript 
  • Solidity
  • Node.js
  • IPFS
  • Asana / Jira


What we offer you:

  • Flexible, remote work with a high degree of autonomy in a dynamic, fast growth startup
  • An opportunity to leverage bleeding edge technology and industry-leading development practices
  • Close collaboration with leading projects in the space, e.g. immediate deep dive into Ocean Protocol integration
  • A highly competitive salary and other potential arrangements. Details depend on ability and experience. Come and talk to us.


Some of our guiding principles 

  • Dream Big: We want to build technology that can outlast the founders and reshape commerce and society at large
  • Self-Mastery: Mindful conduct and always on learning are critical components of personal and collective growth
  • Collaboration: Expertise is key, but sharing knowledge and building together with joy is the foundation of truly remarkable work
  • Stay lean: Our ethos is to create and share value equitably, with minimal value extraction.


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