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Posted 2 years ago
Databento's mission is to increase global access to data, starting with financial market data. We went remote in March, 2020 and have hired candidates from across the globe since then. 

Who are we?
We started Databento in 2019 after spending years dealing with dozens of slow, expensive data vendors. Since then, we raised $7.3 million in total seed funding and have over 2000 companies signed up before launch. We provide full health and dental benefits, 401(k) matching, Visa sponsorships, and support both remote and on-site work opportunities. 

Here's what you'll be doing:

    • Building web UIs and APIs
    • Collaborating with designers and the product team to implement features that improve user experience
    • Writing technical documentation for internal and external use

We're looking for candidates with at least 3 years of work experience with any of the following, in decreasing order of priority:

    • Web development experience (HTML, CSS, Sass/SCSS)
    • JavaScript and modern web frameworks (React, Vue)
    • Experience implementing HTTP-based APIs (OpenAPI)
    • Basic exposure to UI/UX fundamentals and design tools (Sketch)
    • Best practices around CI/CD, deployment, containerization (Jenkins, Docker)
    • Familiarity with Python-based web frameworks (Django, Flask)
    • Familiarity with clustered databases and messaging platforms (Cassandra, Vitess, ClickHouse, Kafka, Pulsar)
    • Experience working within a Linux environment
    • Degree in computer science or HCI

You’re encouraged to include a portfolio in your application. Here's a few things we're interested in if you need ideas of what to showcase:

    • Enterprise-grade web apps with self sign-up processes and team management features
    • Dashboards for any domain in fintech, healthcare, government or data management 
    • Improving the productivity of finance professionals, developers, devops or data scientists 
    • Interactive data visualizations and data tables
    • Automating workflows and data pipelines 
    • Textual search and indexing
    • Sharing large files that exceed email limits
    • Encryption and enterprise compliance
    • Aesthetic appeal of Japanese food
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