Frontend software engineer

WirmachenDruck GmbH


We are looking for full-stack and specialized frontend software engineers and product managers with diverse backgrounds and skillsets who will be creating microservices and user interfaces on AWS. The company is a high-growth German e-commerce company in the web-to-print and mass-customization market. All roles are open for remote or in-office full-time/permanent contracts in Germany.

Our story:

Are you ready to join our journey towards cloud-first, API-first, and mobile-first for one of the largest German online printing companies?  WirmachenDRUCK is disrupting the German print market for years already. Our growth constantly hits limits on our existing technology stack and our rapidly changing future needs. We're building a team to create a step-change towards the future by increasing adoption of the SaaS platform created by our parent company, Cimpress, which is a global player in the mass customization industry.

We are looking to hire software engineers and product managers with a broad set of interests and skill sets that help us advance towards our vision. All positions are for a newly formed team working alongside and tightly aligned with the existing team. All new team members will have the choice of being employed fully remotely in Germany or can choose one of our offices in Stuttgart (Germany) or Backnang (Germany).

Your role will involve:

You will create and operate solutions for the WirmachenDRUCK e-commerce experience. While you will bring your unique skill set you will be challenged to work on many different technologies, from building microservices, working on user interfaces, or creating data products. You will also collaborate with many teams internal to WirmachenDRUCK and with teams from technology providers. 

To make our technological transition successful, you will bring a collaborative mindset, interest to work on cross-functional projects across many teams, and you can self-manage the needed focus on workload. You will be given the freedom to work flexible hours to accommodate the needs of your life outside of work, especially for those accepting a remote position.

Our SaaS platform is based on 100s of microservices and user interfaces as well as an innovative data platform. You will be consuming many of the existing services to enhance them with WirmachenDRUCK specific functionality or orchestrate them in customer-facing or internally-used user interfaces. The majority of the technology stack will be based on the NodeJS ecosystem with JavaScript/Typescript and React as the frontend user interface. Data products are enhanced by a state-of-the-art environment built on top of Snowflake and Looker. We operate our services exclusively on AWS using an "all-in" strategy and leveraging its managed services or serverless technologies where possible.

Specific roles:

Since we're building a new team, we are explicitly looking for a broad set of experiences and skillset. So if your experience looks a little different from what we’ve identified and you think you can rock the role, we’d love to learn more about you. More specifically we are looking for:

  • Frontend engineers will be providing customer-facing e-Commerce experiences. Technically, those are highly flexible, reusable, and performant user interfaces based on React and other frameworks and techniques as needed.
  • Full-stack engineers adopting the SaaS platform will work on adding additional, WirmachenDRUCK specific services, ensure all data is made available for analytical needs, and an automated and secure deployment to the cloud with low operational costs.
  • Product managers who are initially able to run projects of rapid adoption from the existing system to a SaaS platform and can convert these projects to products with a long-term roadmap and iteration centered around top-line and bottom-line business improvements.

About you:

  • You are a team player in a cross-functional, international, diverse, and inclusive environment and enhance our culture with your unique personality.
  • You are enthusiastic about the technologies mentioned above and have experience in some of the mentioned or related technologies.
  • You are interested to dive deep into API, UI, or data while at the same time you are flexible to work across the stack and learn new tools, processes, or technologies as required.
  • You have a product-mindset focusing on the long-term value while being able to deliver the necessary short-term results to create value early in projects.
  • You are able to fluently write and speak English and are open to working in a multi-cultural environment. German is a plus but not required for most roles in the new team.

We offer:

  • Remote-first team that will be based in Germany, Switzerland, and India.
  • Daily international collaboration with various teams located in India, many European countries, and the US.
  • Challenging projects to transition a well-functioning monolithic system to its successor without business disruption.
  • Working in a growth company providing long-term, future opportunities.

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