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Frontend Developer

Mama Money

At Mama Money, we build reliable software for people who really need it. We value this over following trends and using gimmicks but enjoy experimenting to find better ways to do things internally and for our customers. We embrace Agile principles and values but avoid dogmatic practices. We don't take ourselves too seriously but take our work and our customers' needs very seriously.

We are looking for a Front End Developer who will work with the team in creating, maintaining and extending our customer facing platforms. Our mobile apps are built in Angular using Ionic framework, and there are multiple internal facing portals built in Angular, Laravel and React respectively. 

Your main duties will include creating new features and maintenance of various frontend portals. This will include building HTML pages, styling with CSS/SCSS and working with Angular, Typescript and ExpressJS. You may be required to work on Laravel from time to time.

You'll collaborate with multiple development teams in the development, deployment, testing and maintenance of our systems. From a process perspective, Mama Money has been growing rapidly, which means that a big challenge for us is scaling our development platforms and practices to support concurrent development of features with multiple teams collaborating. To this end, we are adopting Agile principles using the Scrum framework. We'll require you to have a working understanding of the mechanics of Agile and Scrum, as well as what they are meant to achieve. You'll be participating in all facets of the process, including requirements analysis, creation of stories (we use Jira as our tool of choice), task breakdown and story point estimates. 

Languages/Frameworks: Angular, TypeScript/JavaScript, Ionic, Firebase, ExpressJS, PHP, Laravel, CSS, HTML
AWS Services: EC2, S3, API Gateway, Cognito, ECS
Tools: Jira, Confluence, Postman, DBeaver, GIT

What you'll do:

    • Help us investigate and implement new processes, tools and technologies to help us grow
    • Be involved in the full SDLC of new features
    • Help identify and address technical debt in existing codebases
    • Assist with deployment, QA and support
    • Ensure code quality through peer reviews, documentation and knowledge sharing

What skills and experience you should have:

    • At least 3 - 5 years’ frontend development experience working with JavaScript
    • The ability to work collaboratively in an ever-changing environment
    • A basic competence with Angular/Typescript and the willingness to learn more

It would be ideal if you had:

    • BSc Computer Science, technical tertiary qualification or significant work experience
    • Experience working with microservice architecture
    • Experience developing for the cloud
Mama Money is an innovative, rapidly growing tech company and the world’s first Social Business Money Transfer Operator. Formed in 2015, Mama Money was created in order to enable foreign nationals to send money to their home countries at a socially fair price, in the most accessible and efficient way possible. Our business is underpinned by the sentiment that we should leave greed behind us and use the resources we have to make the world a better place. 

Mama's values:
Customer & Community
Positive Mindset

Currently, our customers come to South Africa from all over the world and are able to send money to over 50 countries globally, using a variety of acquisition and payment channels, for fees as low as 1% per transaction. We are now embarking on the exciting journey of expanding our operation to the UK, as well as expanding our product line to incorporate other financial service products that will enable the millions of foreign nationals around the world to partake in the financial ecosystem from which they are often excluded. Mama Money is a self-funded, profitable business that is growing steadily so you can rest assured that you are in secure hands with us!

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