Senior Front End Software Engineer

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Who We Are

Brace is a team of passionate technologists, mortgage servicing experts, and entrepreneurs who are rethinking the mortgage service experience by putting the customer’s experience first.

We are bi-coastal with the customer and business operations located in LA and the engineering team in NYC.

While we are fundamentally a technology company focused on financial services, we are and will always be a start-up at heart and will never lose the entrepreneurial spirit that entails. The human element of what we’re doing here is never lost on any one of us, regardless of role, and the impact we can have to help people is at the core of our belief system.

One of the core tenants to Brace’s values is ensuring we build this company on a foundation of inclusiveness and diversity.  We truly are an Equal Opportunity Employer and evaluate applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, orientation, national origin, age, disability, genetics or any other basis - our focus is on experience and the candidate’s drive to grow with us and absolutely nothing else.

What We’re Doing

Our first product to market is focused on the highly complex delinquency space and figuring out how we can provide a frictionless experience for both the borrowers having trouble paying their mortgage and the servicers managing the process. We are taking a truly holistic approach by building a platform that enables mortgage servicers to react promptly to delinquency events and quickly determine the best available outcome for all participants involved.  What separates us from the rest is that we are doing this with a beautiful, easy-to-use omnichannel user experience that sits on top of a host of best-in-breed technologies.

Where We’re Going

At the risk of sounding cliché, we truly are disruptors. We aim to change what has become the status quo in an industry that has not seen innovation in over 40 years. 

Our goal is to build a comprehensive suite of tools that make people’s lives easier with a lean team of folks all striving to succeed.


Senior Software Engineer - Frontend

Brace is a software-as-a-service technology provider whose initial focus is in the mortgage servicing space. We are entirely cloud-based and are looking for hard-working team members excited to undertake new challenges with us in a dynamic environment.  We are a close-knit, diverse and focused team that sees a tremendous opportunity for building something truly special and looking for folks that are interested in coming along for the ride.

Joining our engineering team gives you access to work with the latest technologies and languages.  We are building engaging omnichannel user experiences and services that bring all parties involved in a mortgage and its underlying servicing together in a clean, modern and intuitive manner.


  • Ability to switch hats by moving from project-to-project and performing discrete tasks within the myriad components that comprise the Brace platform
  • Comfortably manage your assigned work queue and speak to the current tasks in progress in daily stand-ups with the rest of the team
  • Having clear communication skills and be able to speak with our business and product partners to realize requirements and specifications


  • 5+ years of professional programming experience
  • Proficiency in working with React (we’re on the latest version)
  • Self-driven and comfortable working with a small team

Bonus Points

  • Competency in things like:
    • Javascript (ES2019+)
    • Typescript
    • CSS-in-JS
    • Client-side SPAs
    • Build tools like Webpack/Rollup/Babel
    • Test Frameworks: Jest, React-Testing-Library, Cypress
    • SaaS background
    • Other modern user-facing technologies
    • Accessibility concepts (ADA, Section 508, WCAG 2.0, etc.) and associated tools and technology supporting these features
  • Experience with any of the following technologies:
    • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    • AWS Cloudfront
    • Docker
    • Gitlab
    • Bash
    • PostgreSQL

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