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Senior Frontend Engineer


OpenSea is the first and largest marketplace for user-owned digital goods, which include collectibles, gaming items, domain names, digital art, and other items backed by a blockchain. These digital goods have brand new properties: they’re unique, provably scarce, liquid, and usable across multiple applications. We're building a brand new economy from the ground up based on digital ownership. The team has backgrounds from Stanford, UC Berkeley, Palantir, Google, Facebook, and Pinterest, funded by YCombinator, Founders Fund, Coinbase Ventures, 1Confirmation, Blockstack, and Blockchain Capital.

When hiring candidates, we look for signals that a candidate will thrive in our culture, where we default to trust, embrace feedback, grow rapidly, and love our work.

We're looking for an experienced, detail-oriented software engineer with an enthusiasm for building and scaling feature-rich, well-tested, and polished applications. This individual will spearhead core features of the OpenSea marketplace platform, as well as our developer integrations.


    • Build out well-tested, polished user experiences and applications using modern, component-based frameworks like React and GraphQL
    • Shepherd products from designs and specifications to live deployments
    • Build re-usable components and libraries for consumption by the open-source community that pull data from and interact with blockchains
    • Create trustworthy user experiences by building interfaces that are simple, easy to comprehend, performant and reliable using modern tools like React, Typescript, and GraphQL
    • Mentor and train other team members on design techniques and coding standards
    • Add positive energy in every meeting, and make your coworkers feel included in every interaction


    • Drive and ambition to lead the development of a brand new platform
    • An ability to write high quality, well tested code
    • Ability to develop and ship user-facing features using component-based UI frameworks
    • Familiar with current trends and best practices in front-end architecture, including performance, security and usability
    • Familiar with product and design lifecycles, and collaborating closely with designers, engineers, and product managers

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