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At Gather, the job of a Frontend Engineer is to increase the power and utility of the platform all while making sure it's intuitive for experts, novices, and people who have never played Pokemon. You should be able to take a beautiful design from the design team, fill in gaps with your own UI intuitions, and bring it to life in React.

Of course, what Gather can do is also expanding every day thanks to our frontend engineers, and it's a moving target to constantly be improving the web client, mapmaker, dashboard, and everything else while maintaining a high level of usability. After all, as a FE engineer you're in the unique position of being able to add features to the site and make them actually useful and intuitive. Tens of thousands of people per day (and counting) depend on it.

Help us build an interconnected web of new worlds; a better way to work remotely; a spacial social network.

You will

  • Work with designers, product managers, and other engineers to scope out features and product directions
  • Write maintainable, clear, well-architected code, tests, and documentation
  • Do code and design reviews to ensure quality and good architecture
  • Understand the usage of Gather and proactively work to resolve bugs and incidents on the live site

You have

  • Internal motivation and drive to solve difficult problems without guidance
  • A keen intuition for well designed software and beautiful, usable interfaces
  • A strong sense for prioritizing what's most important in the face of limited information
  • Excellent communication skills
  • An open, growth mindset when giving and receiving feedback
  • A love for what you do
  • (Ideally, but not required) Experience working with Typescript, React, and Redux

You might work on

  • Making it easier to customize and personalize your maps.
  • Improving the remote work experience—statuses, persistence, a desktop app, etc.
  • Enabling more powerful tools and games to be used within Gather.
  • Making it possible to share your creations with everyone on Gather.
  • Building in a natural social component between spaces — make friends and then be able to find and hang out with them later.


  • Work remotely out of a state-of-the-art virtual office, on whatever schedule best suits you
  • Competitive compensation: Bay Area salaries, regardless of location
  • Great medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • Generous 401k matching
  • Work-from-home setup reimbursement
  • Help build something that actually makes peoples' lives better, every single day.

About us

We are building a virtual universe which fundamentally improves how people interact online.

Today, that means a powerful remote-social platform. We already have people working out of our office spaces, attending our virtual conferences, or going to school on our campus spaces. We have folks hosting everything from magic conventions to artist EP launches to thanksgiving dinners, and even a few weddings.

The mission of Gather is to remove physical constraints on peoples' lives, and provide a virtual world which surpasses the real one in interconnectedness, personal touch, and expressiveness.

How's our team doing so far?

In a few short months, we've gone from nothing to millions pageviews/month, hundreds of thousands of people in Gather spaces daily, paid events running around the clock, and nearly 100 persistent offices and universities. Every day, we hear that this "Pokemon x Zoom thing" is the videocalling platform people didn't know they were missing.

Joining Gather means jumping on a fast-moving train where you'll get plenty of agency and the potential to have huge impact in an early-stage platform changing how people live and work. These are unsolved, open ended problems with tons of room (and need) for creativity. Help us take Gather to the next level.

For more about Gather, our mission, and what we're up to now, see Gather Job Board.

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