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Senior Front-end Developer


We’re looking for a Senior Front-end Developer to join our Growth team for the LiveChat product. As a Growth team, we work on improving SaaS business metrics, which means that most of our work revolves around projects related to the monetization of the current user base, customer retention, customer acquisition, and user flow optimization. You will help us connect end-user satisfaction with business growth. It might be a challenging task, but it’ll allow you to see the direct impact of your work.

More about us:

    • We work with React (with hooks), Redux, JavaScript ES7, and Emotion (as styled-components);
    • We work in autonomous, cross-skilled product teams that consist of: Frontend and Fullstack Developers, QAs, Product Designers, and a Product Manager;
    • We love working together, discussing customer problems and needs and product ideas, creating the best possible solution as fast as possible, testing it with customers and getting it released.

Your skills and experience:

    • You’re ready to work in a high-testing-tempo environment and you’re not afraid to ditch unsuccessful product ideas and parts of the code (and move on without losing passion to focus on growth);
    • You’re experienced with a frontend stack based on the newest stable version of React accompanied by Redux and a Context-API-based solution. Kick in some styled-components approach, as we do with Emotion, supported by our own design system and you’re ready to go!
    • You’re aware that technical debt is not some kind of a fairy tale, but the real deal that requires your attention;
    • Several years of experience working with consumer-facing apps;
    • You’re good at estimating required development effort and have the self-discipline to deliver things on time;
    • You’re familiar with engineering practices and write well-tested and high-quality code;
    • You’re eager to work on architecture with other senior engineers;
    • If you’re interested in backend technologies, you had prior experience with them or maybe you have considered working as Full-stack Developer in the future - that will be a huge plus for us;
    • You care about end-users and you’re interested in providing a solution that will solve their problems;
    • You’re passionate about online products and you’re eager to test different product solutions;
    • You’re eager to learn & share your knowledge among other developers in the company;
    • You’re someone who would stay with us for years and not just for one project.

We can offer:

    • A full-time position in a company whose product is used 300k times per minute – worldwide(!);
    • A solid salary with all the government expenses covered;
    • The remote-first approach with our own, dog-friendly, coworking space in case you’d prefer working from the office and would like to have your pup friend to keep you company ;);
    • Support for your self-development with free access to Udemy courses, every book you’d ever want from Amazon, and a possibility to participate in the LiveChat Academy – all of that to boost your interest in our business and products;
    • Time and space for your creativity and ideas to be shared during our Side Project Days;
    • Multisport card – checked, private medical care – checked, dedicated integration budget – checked;
    • A dedicated spot just for you on our Team page.

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