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Senior React Engineer


Formidable is a Seattle, Denver, and London-based boutique engineering consultancy and open source software organization, specializing in React.js, React Native, GraphQL, Node.js, and the architecture of large-scale JavaScript applications. We are a team of experts working together to handle the toughest software problems. We build products for some of the world's biggest companies while helping their internal teams develop the skill set to build and maintain thoughtful and scalable systems.

As a Senior React Engineer at Formidable, you will implement new applications, features, and tools for companies ranging in size from startups to Fortune 100s. You will regularly collaborate with client teams to provide project leadership, mentorship, and technical expertise. When you’re not working on client projects, you’ll have a chance to contribute to our community-leading open source software.

Do you love building responsive user interfaces using the latest React APIs and GraphQL with standards-compliant, accessible markup and modern CSS syntax? Are you comfortable building system architecture and writing discoverable, consistent APIs? Do you take pride in writing comprehensive unit and integration test suites for both the frontend and backend? Are you the go-to person on your team for technical advice? Do you love sharing your knowledge and challenging colleagues to get out of their comfort zone? Are you a patient and effective communicator?

If answered “yes” to most of these questions and want to join a collaborative community that supports diversity and understands the importance of maintaining a work-life balance, we would love to talk to you!

We work hard to cultivate a culture of supportive learning and knowledge exchange. We make sure our employees get opportunities to grow within the company and participate in daily decision-making processes. We are leaders in the community and are frequently invited to speak at key conferences.

You have:

• 5+ years of experience as a professional software developer.
• Extensive domain knowledge and experience working with React core APIs.
• Mentorship experience.
• High degree of fluency in JavaScript, with knowledge of modern techniques as well as core JS concepts.
• Experience integrating with cloud services, and RESTful APIs.
• Experience with code reviews and code collaboration in teams using Git.
• Proven ability to learn quickly.
• Extensive experience with a modern web application stack:
• State management libraries such as Redux/MobX.
• Type systems like Flow or Typescript.
• Modern frontend build tooling (Webpack/Parcel, Babel, NPM/Yarn).
• Proficiency in frontend markup and styling:
• CSS preprocessors and CSS3.
• Frontend templating.
• HTML5.
• Familiarity with design patterns, data structures, and algorithms.

Extra credit:

• Experience leading teams.
• Experience with React Native, or native mobile development.
• Experience with GraphQL.
• Node.js frameworks like Express and Hapi.
• Databases like MongoDB and PostgreSQL.
• Degree in Computer Science (or similar).
• Open source software contributor.

Inclusion is one of our core values. We don’t discriminate by race, religion, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

All persons hired will be required to verify identity and eligibility to work in the United States. We are not offering USA working visa sponsorship at this time.

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