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Posted 2 years ago
Canopy is a leading system of record used by financial institutions to power the accounting and servicing behind their credit, debit, and loan products. We empower the world's financial institutions to be more compliant, articulate, and transparent.

We are looking for fellow computer science and finance nerds of all types. Specifically in this role, we are looking for someone with experience and the desire to work within JS, React, Component Systems,

Canopy is a fully immutable system of record that records two temporal dimensions - transaction time and valid time - and processes a high throughput of interest, amortization, and statement calculations based on a dynamic set of rules configured by our clients.

We also provide seamless integrations into your Payments, Processing, Collections and other critical vendors to help you focus on building the products you love in a way that you love.

You'll be working on our Customer facing Web App that helps solve some of the pain points Servicing Agents and their teams face every day.

We are looking for folks that have a deep love of solving complex problems on a team of highly qualified engineers.

Sample Experience

    • Modern FE experience
    • Public author or Speaker in the FE community
    • AWS lambda
    • API Gateway
    • Previous Startup Experience
    • Event-based architectures
    • Successfully or unsuccessfully built cool things

Required Experience

    • React
    • TypeScript
    • Serverless
    • Worked either for a fin-tech or in a fast moving startup

Why Canopy?

    • Holistic benefits
    • Remote culture
    • Work with great teammates
    • Make a difference
    • Do something fun
    • Clearly defined Goals
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