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About Us:

We make software that anyone can mold and shape to take on every challenge — from taking personal notes to running large companies. We've been building together since 2016 and are trusted by customers including Nike, Airbnb, Slack, Samsung, and more. We're excited to be growing a team as diverse and creative as the millions of people we reach worldwide, and a company where everyone can thrive.

About The Role:

This role is on the marketing team, building Notion's front-facing website — the first thing users see when they visit You'll join as the lead engineer alongside writers, content creators, and designers who code, bringing their visions to life and setting the technical foundation for our team.

It's critical that Notion's website tells a clear story about the product and its transformative potential for teams of all sizes. Given Notion's flexibility as a tool, it's especially important to tailor our stories to specific audiences based on user persona, industry, geographic location, and more. Our website is the most important and versatile tool we have to personalize this experience for millions of visitors each month, routing each person to the products, plans, and resources that are right for them.

A successful candidate will lead us in building a dynamic, reliable, and instrumented website that captures people's attention, helps them truly understand the product's benefits, and increases conversion to paid plans.

What You'll Do:

  • Partner with design and product marketing to build out the website in a way that tells a strong story to more of our audiences - i.e. Notion for Engineers, Notion for Marketers.
  • Ensure the marketing site is accessible, reliable, performant, instrumented, and optimized to increase conversions across multiple geographies.
  • Partner closely with growth to improve the performance of every page.
  • Build experiences on the marketing site so that people can visualize and get a deep understanding how Notion operates and the benefits it provides.
  • Pioneer external satellite sites, special projects, and experiments.
  • Help evolve our modern, component-based marketing architecture. Our site is statically generated using React, Next.js, TypeScript, and an intuitive headless CMS.

What We're Looking For:

  • Tools of the trade: You can build rich, interactive, accessible experiences using JavaScript (we use TypeScript), semantic HTML, and CSS. You're fluent in React or a similar front-end framework, and can establish technical best practices for the team as it grows. You're also comfortable with software development fundamentals including Git and Unix environments.
  • Familiar with marketing technologies: You can integrate our website with external APIs such as Google Conversions, Facebook Conversions, Clearbit, Segment, Google Tag Manager, and more. You're comfortable configuring static site generators such as Next.js or headless CMS platforms such as Contentful to help the whole team deliver content.
  • Pragmatic and business-oriented: You care about the business impact of what you're building, and you can get scrappy to make it happen. You're not just going after cool stuff: you understand the balance between craft, speed, and the bottom line.
  • Cross-disciplinary teamwork and creativity: You're passionate about getting creative and reasoning from first principles, not just following in the shoes of other enterprise SaaS startups. You get excitement and joy out of collaborating with artists, writers, designers, and developers to tell stories in new ways. You're eager to answer questions and mentor other developers.
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