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Posted 2 years ago
React Native / Mobile App Expert Needed for project involving Mobile App

(Freelance and Part Time Project)

Context of the Job We are a consulting company developing custom software solutions consisting of custom web apps and CRM/ERP systems for our small business clients. We have an in house development team with back end and front end (React) engineers along with an in house QA team and a design team. Our projects don't normally involve making mobile applications, however we currently have a project that involves a mobile app in it. Our front end engineers have some experience in React Native from previous side projects however aren't comfortable with leading a mobile app development effort at this time and we thus require an Expert in mobile app development with React Native to help us get this project done. Needs fulfilled by the Job As stated above, we currently have a project that as part of it includes a mobile app (iOS and Android) along with our back end, front end web apps, CRM, ERP, etc. Since this is our first time making a mobile app, we need a resource of a competent engineer with experience with successful enterprise scale mobile app roll-outs in iOS and Android and excellent knowledge of React Native. The Expert will need to provide us with the following: - Assess the requirements and the project situation and prepare the plan to build and roll out the mobile app on Android and iOS App Stores following the best practices of React Native. - Ensure that our in house front end engineers and other team members properly carry out the plan and make adjustments as necessary. - Assist in developing custom modules and integrating third party SDKs into the mobile application. - Set in place process and procedure for ongoing maintenance and upgrades to the application. As stated above, we have resources available to carry out the development, however are lacking mobile app specific expertise and will be needing the expert to provide that specific expertise and work with our resources to make sure things get done properly. Recruitment Process We will follow the following process: 1. You apply through this form and complete application responses that will be reviewed by us. 2. If responses are a fit, we schedule a brief call during which we will verify your understanding of the job and match to it and you can ask us any questions. 3. We give you a paid (flat fee on completion) test assignment and you complete it that we review to verify your competency. 4. We check your references. 5. We agree on terms and engage on the main project (if you pass all above).
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