Senior Front End Web Engineer

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Universe is the world's first website builder designed for mobile phones. Our mission is to empower everyone to build the internet, starting with serious websites built in under a minute. 

As a tool that enables others to build websites, we are obsessed with the process around how they are built. We are looking for someone that has the same passion for creating the best websites possible, and at a scale that will affect an ever growing number of sites, instead of just one at a time. To reach all corners of the globe, we will need our creators' websites to be as small, fast, discoverable, and accessible as possible and we have a lot of room to improve.

The Role

As a Senior Front End Web Engineer your primary focus will be helping us build out the foundation necessary to make our creators' sites as excellent as they can be.

Your duties include:
- Work collaboratively with other engineers to weigh trade offs between different technologies and approaches, refining our technical architecture.
- Advocate for best practices, accessibility, performance and quality.
- Build out our technical foundation so the whole team can iterate faster and safer.
- Mentor your fellow engineers.
- Maintain code quality through code reviews.

Your impact will be:
- You will help craft the vision of how all of our sites should be built to make for the best experience for their audience
- Contribute code to expand site functionality, so that our users are able to create more powerful sites
- Expand our commerce feature offerings
- Expand our test coverage with new tests, refactoring existing code to be testable, and improving the reliability of Universe.

Our current technical stack includes HTML, CSS, Node.js, React, JSX, TypeScript and Next.js. We are open to using other technologies or finding ways to better implement the ones we have.

Our Culture

We have 4 company values that we use as drivers for how we operate and make decisions:

We want to not only be the best, but in a class of our own. We don’t rely on others’ definitions of success. We are always striving for excellence, in our product, ourselves and our teammates. When we need something done faster, we find ways to trim the scope of the feature instead of compromising on quality.

Externally, our product empowers anyone to express themselves on the web and we are always listening to user voices about how we could make our product better for them. Internally, we’ve tried to design the company to operate in a way that gives employees ownership. We take product input from everyone in the company. We give people room to try new things and make their own mistakes. We trust people to manage their time with a few core hours and letting people work around those hours however best works for them. We trust people to manage their own time off and take as much as they need to keep recharged and happy.

There is more to know than anyone already does. We find this exciting, instead of overwhelming. We think that questions are more important than answers. We view problems as fun challenges to be solved. We want to find new, better ways of doing things, instead of just doing what everyone is doing. We are constantly looking for better processes, technologies and feature ideas. We give people space to try new ideas.

Kaizen (Continuous Improvement):
While we want to be superlative, we recognize that everything is not going to be perfect the first time. We find ways to break up features and work into small steps and build iteratively on them. We learn from our mistakes, whether that be product or process related. We work from first principles.

These values impact how we work overall as a company and also specifically within our engineering organization. While we have larger plans and goals that we are always building toward, we work iteratively in one week sprints. Every fourth week we dedicate to tackling bugs. Once high priority bugs are addressed, engineers can work on anything related to Universe. This helps us keep our product low on bugs, well polished and allows for exploration. 

Code reviews are an important part of our process. We value in depth, detailed code reviews, but always for the purpose of improving our product, our teammates and ourselves. We like working with people who appreciate feedback and view it as an opportunity to improve. We like working with people who use their knowledge to make others better.  

About Universe
We value individual agency and ownership—which guides our product design and our company’s culture. While other companies offer lots of perks, we prioritize your freedom: work from anywhere, in the way you’re at your best. We believe that an individual’s capacity for growth is far larger than most understand, and we’ve designed an environment to support rapid, continuous learning. Ideas here come from everyone, initiative is respected, and quality matters. We are here to build something special and enduring.

We are a remote 20+ person company with people all over the US. We joined Y Combinator in 2018 and have raised $17.2mm in financing from Google Ventures, General Catalyst, Javelin Venture Partners, Box Group, and more top investors. 
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