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Senior Software Engineer

LEX Markets

LEX is a real estate investing platform giving the everyday person access to direct investments in commercial real estate for the first time. Users can browse individual properties (ranging from Office space to Retail centers to Multifamily), buy $250 shares (the IPO price) in each building, earn their share of rental income, and then trade those shares on LEX. We're playing within the existing regulations and financial rails, but we have a lot to build! We're a growing company (currently <25 people, 7 engineers) with some great backers working to unlock real estate for the masses.

About The Role
LEX is seeking to hire a Senior Software Engineer to join our team and lead our efforts on the frontend. You’ll spend your days in React and Styled Components and occasionally venture into the API/backend layer (Node + Express + Typescript). You’ll implement our design system in collaboration with our Product Designer, focus on project health, choose which libraries and frameworks we use as our product grows, and more.  As one of the first 7 engineers on an engineering team with a flat structure, you’ll fully own core components of our product.


    • Implement our design system in collaboration with our Product Designer
    • Have significant ownership over our frontend codebase
    • Choose which libraries and frameworks we use as our product grows
    • Work with engineers across the company to build new features
    • Improve frontend code standards, tooling, and processes
    • Write React code in Typescript
    • Focus on eliminating risks and build reliable, scalable and performant systems
    • Hold yourself and others to a high bar when working with production systems
    • Over time, hire a team of engineers to support your work.


    • 4+ years of React experience
    • Mastery of CSS
    • Experience building applications from scratch
    • Solid foundation of modern web frameworks
    • Advanced in Node, Express, and JavaScript / TypeScript
    • Similar experience as an early engineer at a startup would be a bonus.
    • (bonus) Experience as an engineer at an early stage startup
    • (bonus) FinTech or finance related work history
    • (bonus) UX/Design chops

You'll Use

    • React + Redux
    • Typescript
    • CSS / Styled Components
    • Webpack
    • Storybook
    • New frameworks you recommend
    • Git

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