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Software Developer


Who we are and what we do

Founded in 2011, Mappedin powers search and discovery indoors, enabling consumers to find what they’re looking for with speed and ease. Our software platform provides industry leading tools to manage dynamic indoor spatial data and offer wayfinding experiences for customer-facing applications, including a recent collaboration with Apple Maps.

Mappedin works with the ten largest malls in Canada, the largest REITs in the US, and in stores, hospitals, campuses, and airports around the world.

Who you are and what you’ll do

You make products that are intuitive and efficient, and getting things done quickly is important to you. Your passion for web development drives you to keep up with new web technology trends and you understand why web development is a perfect blend of both power and elegance.

As part of the Development team and reporting to the Team Lead - Software Developer, you will be helping us develop and improve our mapping tools, consumer applications, and occasionally backend services:

Map Editor:

  • A content management system that allows clients to create, edit, and manage all of their existing properties and maps
  • Analytics dashboard

First Responder Applications:

  • A map management tool for firefighters and an incident response system for use in emergency scenarios
  • Powered by React and our own Mappedin Web SDK

The ideal candidate likely has experience in one of the following areas:

  • JavaScript and modern web technologies including React, Webpack, Mobx
  • UI/UX

What are some challenges?

Building the core tools that Mappedin and our customers rely on to make and maintain over 500 million square feet of premium retail space worldwide is no easy task. We need our tools to be both easy to get started with for new users, while not holding back power users from getting in and doing what they need quickly. We move fast and can't always wait for all the information before we try something. 

There is a lot of discovery work involved as we frequently do things that are ahead of current technology. We also encounter tough problems that require a lot of math. It’s not a requirement for this role, but if you enjoy solving interesting geometry problems, we’d love to have your input.

Behind the scenes

We use a variety of technology and tools that currently include JavaScript, React, Three.js, Webpack, WebGL, Node.js, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, and Kibana.

We recognize developers are most effective when they’re allowed to get into the zone; therefore, we run an agile development process designed to give our developers as much uninterrupted development time as possible. Most days the only meeting you’re looking at is the morning standup.

It’s fun to work in nice clean code bases but the realities of moving fast means sometimes things get a bit messy. We always make sure we have 20% dev time available to do refactoring and retire technical debt.

There’s a lot of trust here at Mappedin. At present, we are working from home but we are working on providing a more flexible environment once the pandemic eases. If you’re local, there will probably be a few days a week when you can expect other people to be in the office, but this role could also be fully remote.We work flexible hours, have a flexible vacation policy and work to provide the hardware or office equipment you require to unleash your potential. We will do what it takes to get things done if we said we would do it. We stay curious, challenge opinions, take risks, and learn from mistakes. We’re competitive and we like to win together.

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