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React Native Engineer


About Us

At Nomod, we're building the world’s fastest way to accept card payments. If it involves accepting, holding, or moving money electronically, we want to be all over it. We believe that the future of business payments and banking is going to be unexpected, seamless, and incredibly disruptive. If you think the era of digital banking is already upon us, you haven’t seen anything yet!

Nomod is a globally distributed, all remote organisation, headquartered out of London.

Who We're After

We’re looking for a Software Engineer who specialises in React Native to join our Engineering team. The ideal candidate is a progressive thinker who will be responsible for delivering projects across a multidisciplinary stack.

As a Software Engineer, you will:

1. Design, build, and manage scalable mobile and web applications

2. Work on our product, including web, mobile apps, as well as

3. Contribute to our architecture as we grow whilst recognising the importance of agility, stability, and availability

4. Build, support, and manage projects across the organisation

5. Work with an agile, globally distributed team and be able to harness constructive feedback

6. Be proud of what you work on, whilst obsessing about the quality of what you produce

7. Have regular opportunities for career growth. We’re growing quickly and are forming new teams as we do so. We have a bias towards internal promotion into leadership roles

8. Ensure that everyone is blown away with their Nomod experience

You’ll experience what it is like to work in a fun, entrepreneurial, and high growth startup!


You do not need to be intimately familiar with any of the technologies that we work with. Great people are effective at quickly learning what we use or introduce us to new ways of working.

Having said that, we think a Software Engineer should:

1. Have a BA or a BSc in Computer Science, Engineering, or equivalent experience

2. Have professional experience with React Native or are switching to React Native having built and deployed commercial applications in Swift, Objective C or Kotlin

3. Have at least three years experience in building and deploying mobile products

4. Have a solid understanding of HTML, CSS and core JavaScript concepts

5. Possess practical knowledge of shell scripting and at least one scripting language such as Ruby, JavaScript, or Python

6. Demonstrate an understanding of relational databases such MySQL, Percona, MariaDB, or others

7. Posses experience specifying and integrating with RESTful services

8. Have the capacity to clearly and concisely communicate complex technical problems and propose iterative solutions

9. Understand evolving requirement specifications, and adjust your solution accordingly

10. Be comfortable working in a highly agile, intensely iterative development process

11. Write code that is clear, concise, performant, easily maintainable testable, extensible, and is built for change

12. Be creative, innovative, and data driven

13. Be able to take on lots of responsibility, while orchestrating multiple deadlines and push for outcomes

14. Have exceptional written and verbal skills in English to be successful in a remote and asynchronous environment

15. Deliver no matter what it takes

16. Have the ability to thrive in a fully remote, distributed organisation

17. Be lots of fun to work with!

Nice to Haves:

1. Experience designing and architecting scalable distributed applications

2. Prior experience at a high growth startup or at an established fintech firm

3. Prior experience in a test driven development environment

4. Experience working with a remote team

5. Experience working with a global, multicultural team


As a Software Engineer you will receive:

1. Your choice of equipment

2. Competitive pay

3. Access to our upcoming ESOP

4. Incredible co-workers (yep, really!)

5. A super nice, flexible, distributed work environment

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