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Frontend Engineer


Who are we?

Our mission at Sheetless is to make the systems of the world more understandable and explainable, by bringing simulation into the everyday. We're building a platform to bring together knowledge - both human and data - and to simulate possible futures, so that decision makers can select for the best outcome, and try out decisions before they make them. Just some of the things we're seeing our software used for:

  • Better treatment planning in healthcare in the face of never-before-seen disruptions.
  • Experimentation on different approaches to sales and marketing before starting a campaign.
  • BI dashboards that show smart projections into the future, not just analyses of the past.

We're building a platform that can be used by all decision makers, from analyst to data scientist to executive. It's a huge challenge, which is why we're looking for people keen on tackling problems where we don't know the answers.

You'll be joining a small team team early on in our journey, and given the opportunity to help shape our product and culture.

What will you do?

As one of our first frontend engineers, you'll be responsible for providing a great product UX, all the way from first users unsure what we do, through to the power-users. While it's not expected for you to be a modeller, you should be keen to learn what our users are trying to do and make it easier for them to achieve it, whatever shape that may take. Your responsibilities will cover:

  • Build out a highly interactive Simulation IDE, letting users build and work with formulae, computations and data outputs that update as they make changes.
  • Take features all the way from inception through to production.
  • Work directly with users and customers to suss out their goals.
  • Improve and create workflows so we have a UX that delights our users.
  • Focus on keeping the interface coherent and consistent, as we add new features.

What's the tech stack?

  • Fully TypeScript frontend using Next.js/React, with additional Rust modules compiled down to WebAssembly.
  • Services running on GKE, serving up GraphQL and REST APIs, using Hasura and Rust.

Who are we looking for?

  • People looking for a true challenge, not just another CRUD application. You'll be expected to be comfortable both designing and building the features you're working on.
  • You should be keen to learn new things and act as the empathy champion for our users.
  • A focus on quality, but with the pragmatism to deliver and improve later.
  • Someone looking for autonomy and responsibility in equal measure, and real product impact.


  • Compensation: Typical £60k-£75k, 0.5% equity.
  • Location: London, UK (Fully Remote). We're not planning on an office, but may want the option of meeting up for social and whiteboard time after the pandemic.
  • Laptop provided plus monthly allowance for WFH amenities (e.g. peripherals, desks, coffee).

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