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Front End Engineer


We’re looking for a Front End Engineer

You will become proficient with our domain by learning from your team and the wider business to
understand the mortgage market and the technology that underpins how we set people free from
the hell of mortgages. You will help shape the product and the work you and your teammates will
deliver by working alongside your stakeholders and our engineering leads.

Our engineers work in cross-functional teams typically comprising 7 to 8 people including product
owners, designers and contributors who are empowered to meet their goals. We seek to give all our
crews the resources and support they need with a minimum of constraints.

You have a delivery focussed mindset and make use of agile software development practices to
ensure your crew’s success. We value collaboration, repeatability and continuous improvement.

We look for people who love to learn new things whilst using their existing skills and experience to
enrich the engineering team.

More about what you’ll do:

Contributing to the continued development of our codebase using a broad range of technologies across our front-end stack by writing well formed and properly documented code.
Championing front-end development and helping to drive best practices and evolution of our front-end architecture.
Adding to our culture of automated testing and specification.
Collaborating with your crew’s stakeholders and product managers to help shape the work that the crew undertakes.
Having a keen eye for design and usability; working with our design and product teams to build best-in-class front-end experiences.
Keeping concerns such as accessibility, responsiveness and performance at the forefront of our product development, ensuring that we build products that are a pleasure to use for everyone, everywhere.
Working closely with non-technical crew members to focus on building systems that directly serve our customers and to ensure we are always building better things.
Helping the team to operate effectively by breaking problems down into simpler and faster to build components.

We use lots of exciting technology

We value well architected solutions with reliable and maintainable code using the right software
engineering principles above all else. Our engineers want to deliver the best possible solution they
can and you will play a key role in ensuring our continued success in doing so.

We put data at the heart of our product development process. User research results, data science
models and A/B tests inform our decisions and help us prioritise product iterations. We follow a
user-centered approach to solving design problems, focusing on usability and accessibility to meet
our customers needs.

We’re big believers in using the right tools for the job to build the best software. Right now we
mainly make use of functional programming and tenets commonly associated with it but are always
evaluating our tools.

Our existing systems make heavy use of Typescript, PureScript, React, HTML, CSS-in-JS, Gatsby,
Cypress, and Webpack, as well as Haskell and PostgreSQL. We deploy and operate our software
using Docker and Kubernetes in AWS.

We believe in learning and development

Our engineers come from a number of backgrounds. We have self-taught team members working
with graduates from universities and bootcamps alike. Some of us have worked in large corporations
while some of us have only ever known startups. A portion of the team consistently enjoy full-stack
work, others prefer to specialise in certain areas. While your role and team might see you targeting
certain areas of work, we see this only as a specialism. You can expect to be exposed to many other
parts of our codebase and to learn about and participate in its development while growing your own
skills and supporting the growth of other engineers in your crew. From regular talks and reading
groups to sponsored meet-ups and conference attendance, we want to help take our engineers to
the next level.

The benefits

    • Competitive salary and share options
    • Flexible holiday
    • Enhanced maternity & paternity leave
    • Free healthcare and life assurance
    • Career development, coaching and training
    • Contributory pension scheme
    • Cycle to Work Scheme
More about Habito

You shouldn’t have to go through hell to get a mortgage. That’s why we built Habito.

We use breakthrough technology and top tier experts to deliver the most personalised, fast and convenient way to get a mortgage today. All for free.

We don’t stop at mortgages, either. Together we’re building whole new ways of buying and owning your home. At Habito, you’ll be a vital part of that future.

Diversity & Inclusion statement

The creative brilliance and ingenuity at Habito wouldn’t be possible without a diverse team bringing different perspectives, experience and skills together.

Now and in the future, we want to make sure everybody feels included, heard, and equal at Habito. We believe in treating everyone equally and giving them the same opportunities regardless of their age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage/civil partnership, pregnancy/maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation.

Habito is proud to be a certified B Corp.

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