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Senior Software Engineer




Remote (within the UK only).

About the Role

Our backend powers our native iOS app, our native Android app, and our single-page web applications (SPAs). Using the latest technologies, you will help build the backend to deliver exciting new (customer demand-driven) functionality including the ability for teams to book workspace and metting rooms all over the world, a brand new analytics platform, and a bunch more.

Your Responsibilities

  • Help us build. Help us grow!
  • You'll implement new functionality on the Node.js backend to support frontend requirements.
  • Have ownership over deployment of your own code onto our Kubernetes infrastructure running on Google Cloud.
  • Participate in agile work methodology, including daily standups, sprint planning, and sprint retrospectives.

About You

  • Strong background in JavaScript (TypeScript), React and Node.
  • Experience shipping consumer and business facing applications.
  • Ambition to deliver world class software.
  • You love to learn and continually develop yourself and your wider team.
  • Like to have fun, interact well with others and be a team player.
  • Experience with gRPC, Kubernetes, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Google Cloud, CI/CD would be lovely, but not necessary.
  • Already based in and eligible to work in the UK. 

About Desana

The way the world uses office space is changing. We provide the technology to facilitate that.

We’re on a mission to enable the world’s largest companies to use workspace whenever they need it, wherever. Our app makes working from anywhere as easy as booking an Uber, and it saves companies loads on their office space costs. We’ve got some cool companies using the platform and we’re partnering with workspaces all over the world. 

We’re a high-growth startup based between London, Edinburgh, and Stockholm.

Salary and Progression

We’ve created a system to facilitate complete salary transparency and progression paths (like Buffer, Monzo and a growing number of progressive companies) as we are striving to create an open and fair culture within Desana. 

Dependent on your experience and location, the salary for this role is between £47,366 and £70,840 per annum.



  • Your salary...
  • Plus regular salary reviews measured against transparent, clearly defined milestones.
  • With company performance related bonuses - when we do well, you do well.
  • Not to mention Share Options in our company EMI Share scheme.

Flexible working hours

  • We’re a company built around the idea of flexible working. We don’t just sell the dream, we live it.
  • As long as you’re hitting your targets - working sensibly & covering your contracted hours - we’re okay with you fitting work around your life.

Work Remotely

  • You’ll get free access to the Desana app to work from wherever’s convenient or best for you.
  • You also have the choice to work in our own offices.
  • Or, if the Amazon-lady, is dropping off a parcel, choose to work from home.


  • Meaningful work with people who care.
  • We work with you to set and achieve your business and personal goals.
  • Friday afternoons are open to personal development - read, meet with mentors, listen to Podcasts, jump on YouTube - but there’s one catch; it has to be relevant to your role & we want to hear what you’ve been learning so we can all benefit and grow too.
  • We’re also in the process of allocating personal budgets for books, training courses and conferences.


  • We use SMART Pensions because they invest in passive Index Funds that are relatively low cost - meaning they should (note the emphasis on should) provide better returns than actively managed funds in the long term.
  • We offer a 4% employer contribution (we pay you 100% of your salary, then 4% extra into your pension)
  • You’ll need to pay 4% too, and you can opt to pay more (for the tax benefits)!
  • We’ll automatically enrol you but you can choose to opt out if you’d like.


  • You’ll officially get 28 days in your contract.
  • Unofficially, we’re pretty relaxed. If you’re doing a great job and not taking the mickey, who’s counting?
  • Spend five years at at Desana and get a four-week paid sabbatical, and another every five years after.
  • Also, take your birthday off, no questions… just bring leftover cake when you’re back in.

And a bunch of others...

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