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Technical Lead Manager


At Sisu, we're building a software platform that empowers people to make better decisions using data. Based on years of cutting-edge research at Stanford, Sisu enables users to quickly and comprehensively understand what’s driving their key metrics, so they never miss a window of opportunity to act. 

Sisu is a fundamental rearchitecture of how users interact with data. Instead of relying on users to tell us what they want to see, as in traditional dashboarding systems, Sisu predicts users’ intent based on their metrics of interest, past behaviors, and other organizations like them. We take this kind of predictive analysis for granted in consumer applications (e.g., Netflix, Google, Facebook), but the hardest interface design and ranking problems lie in making private data found in everyday organizations actionable. The key problem we’re solving as a first step in this direction is to help identify what’s driving change in key metrics like revenue, retention, and churn among the enormous set of factors like user demographics, campaigns, and acquisition channels. To do so, we combine statistical analysis and machine learning at scale to provide users personalized, real-time diagnoses of changes in their metrics via an explainable, interpretable user interface. 

As a Technical Lead Manager at Sisu, you’ll be instrumental in shaping the future of Sisu’s product interface - a web application that our customers will rely on to “get the facts” to make data driven decisions, as well as the team and company culture behind that. You’ll have the opportunity to work on technical challenges including developing our information architecture and solving unique problems, including how to represent statistical data in a digestible way to end users of various knowledge levels.

What you'll accomplish

    • Manage and build a diverse team of highly technical engineers while fostering an expressive and inclusive environment
    • Provide career planning, growth, and mentorship
    • Deliver WOW to our customers by improving the quality of our product and teamwork
    • Play a pivotal role in scaling our team, product and performance
    • Scale our Typescript / React / Redux front-end
    • Provide technical leadership to drive consensus based on empirical evidence
    • Navigate ambiguity with an open and curious cross-functional team
    • Understand our end user (data analyst) to eventually build a general use product
    • Craft a unique user experience that brings value to global brands. See Samsung and Upwork.
    • Actively partner with product and design to architect user empowering interfaces with performance and scalability in mind
    • Cultivate your design skills and transform Figma mocks into working prototypes
    • Shape the engineering culture through mentorship as our small, dynamic team grows
    • Actively participate in customer POCs to optimize customer experience and adoption.

What you'll need to be successful

    • Experience building user-facing products
    • High degree of emotional intelligence, including the ability to both effectively engage and inspire one’s team members 
    • Expertise with React and Redux
    • Fluency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
    • Proficient in utilizing and designing REST and/or GraphQL APIs
    • Capable of coaching team members, by translating complex nuances related to the languages and libraries we use, in easy to understand terms.
    • Experience negotiating scope with product managers and designers, and coaching engineers on scope negotiation
    • Excellent communication skills for collaborating internally with partner teams and externally with our customers and end users
    • 5+ years of relevant software engineering experience

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