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Full stack developer with frontend focus

Steady Media GmbH

About us

We strive to design the future of independent media. More than 80,000 people support thousands of Steady projects with a membership. Because good work deserves more than a like. From blogs and online magazines to podcasts and newsletters: Steady enables digital media and creatives to access a sustainable income and independence via memberships. In these times of crisis, our mission is to empower more and more publishers to make their voices heard.

Your mission

We are starting a new frontend project, which will make it even easier for publishers and their audience to connect. For this, we’re looking for another developer to join our team.

About you

Creating a good user experience is very important to you

What we are working on gets integrated into the websites of many publishers and is used by millions of people. You think about our users during development and care about their experience.

You have strong JS/frontend experience, but can work in the backend part of our application, too

You will be our JS/frontend/React expert, but you will also help out with our backend applications. These are built in Elixir. It is fine if you only have experience with other backend languages (in addition to extensive experience with frontend UI code).

You care about software quality and testing

You see the value of good automated tests and have experience in designing and implementing them. You want to have your code reviewed and provide kind and thoughtful feedback on other developers’ code in pull requests.

Kind and open communication is important to you

Whether in code reviews, retrospectives or just while working together with the rest of the team, it is important to you to give and receive thoughtful feedback. You take care to do this in an empathetic way.

You know what A11Y is and agree on it's importance

With Steady, we contribute to an open and democratic society by enabling a diverse media universe. We do not want to exclude anyone, so we take care to make our tools accessible. You understand that this is important and are willing to help us with this goal.

You have experience

This position requires a minimum of 3 years of professional experience as a software developer.

Your usual working hours include 10 AM - 4 PM Berlin time

We’re remote-first, but rely on synchronous communication for certain tasks. Our daily product team stand-up takes place at 10 AM Berlin time. Also, it just feels good to get together with everyone from time to time, even if it’s just in a video call.

You speak English

There is no need for you to speak German. English is the language our team has agreed to communicate in, which is great since our team members come from all over the world.

What we offer

Be part of a fun, diverse team

Our product team consists of 9 people from 7 countries. We strive to be friendly with each other, connect outside of work topics and think about how to make work more productive and enjoyable.

Work from wherever you want

We are a remote-first company. You decide whether you prefer working from our office in Berlin or from home, a coworking spot, coffee shop, …

Choose your stack

We have settled on starting our new project with React. The rest of the (frontend) stack is still to be decided though. As our JS ecosystem expert, you will have great influence on which tools and libraries we are going to work with.

Be compensated fairly

We’re offering a full-time position with a long-term perspective. You’ll be paid a salary typical for Berlin-based software developers and have 25 paid vacation days per year (in addition to ~10 public holidays plus the 24th and 31st of December). 

Choose your equipment

We provide you with a current MacBook Pro or an equivalent non-Apple laptop, plus an ultra-widescreen monitor.

Keep learning

We encourage continued learning, so if you need a book, we will buy it for our growing library. Under normal circumstances, we also visit conferences together.

Work with people who believe in what they do

We are media makers ourselves, i.e. we feel for our customers – we are genuinely happy for them when things go well, and we suffer with them when things grind down. In any case, it never gets boring!

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