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Front-End Engineer


Full TimeReact€36k - 60kVilniusLithuania
Posted 10m ago

What you will do

  • Use your thorough understanding of core client-side technologies to architect complex user interactions for desktop and mobile browsers using React and Relay
  • Enjoy developing with our state-of-the-art front-end stack which includes Node.js, Express, TypeScript, GraphQL, webpack, ESNext, Sass (CSS Modules), and Git (with Github) 
  • Create universal JS modules to be used on both the client and the server 
  • Lead, direct and mentor more junior team members (including code review) 
  • Provide informed estimates on project timelines and resources 
  • Take part in decision-making around major architectural choices of the front-end team 
  • Cover your code with unit and integration tests written with Jest and Mocha 
  • Work with our top product team which includes former leaders from Gilt, eBay, and Etsy 

What you'll bring

  • 4+ years experience developing sophisticated consumer-facing web sites
  • 1+ major React projects completed
  • Extensive Node.js experience 
  • A good, experienced grasp of contemporary JavaScript development practices (including ES6 and beyond: arrow functions, array methods, destructuring, rest params, ES modules, template literals, default arguments, Promise, async/await, fetch, &c)
  • Understanding of performance-related trade-offs and how to squeeze the most performance from a web page 
  • Experience mentoring and directing a team (major plus) 
  • Ability to bring your intellectual curiosity and thoughtful opinions with you every day 
  • An appreciation for one-of-a-kind items such as furniture, art, and jewelry always welcome 
  • Your participation in the larger developer community is strongly supported and encouraged! 

What we offer

  • Interesting challenges and always evolving tech-stack 
  • Highly talented and experienced colleagues to gather knowledge from and grow together 
  • Encouragement and feedback 
  • Transparency and open communication 
  • Family atmosphere that feels more like home than work 
  • Respecting employee’s personal time outside of work 
  • Extra paid paternity leave 
  • Wellness program rewards/additional health insurance 
  • Social and off-site events 
  • Food/snacks/drinks on a daily basis & Friday’s lunch on us! 

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