Senior React Native Engineer

Forward Partners

The Role

As a Senior React Native Engineer, you will be responsible for the Fy! mobile experience to craft, own and develop as you see fit for both Android and iOS. As you can imagine, within the context of a small tech team, this is a large responsibility. However, this is also a huge opportunity to really own the development of this vital part of our customer-facing experience, and take pride in seeing it grow.

You will have the support of, and work collaboratively with, backend, frontend and data engineers to iterate on existing features and craft entirely new ones. Consequently, familiarity with expressing requirements in terms of APIs and focussed specifications is an important skill to bring to the table. Sympathy for the unique challenges of delivering a rich experience within the restrictions of limited hardware and network resources is also vital.

Your Experience

  • Production experience deploying React Native iOS / Android applications in the wild, or similar
  • Confident with Javascript/React Native. Objective C/Swift, Java or any JVM mobile dialects is a plus
  • Interested in or have experience with ClojureScript and functional UI
  • Familiar with the underlying native platforms very well
  • Takes delight in making joyful and beautiful user interfaces
  • Self-motivated and organised
  • Curious and open-minded about technology

Ways to make us go Wow!

  • We love and use Clojure across the stack, so if you're into functional programming or lisps, we'll be off to a flying start. It is absolutely not a requirement though, so please do not be put off if this is not part of your toolset right now.
  • Wireframing and product design, familiarity with the UX process

Our Benefits

  • Our tech team is composed of experienced generalists and domain experts, and as such we are taking on complex, cross-cutting problems of the sort that normally require larger teams. We want you to be part of that, and to be excited by this opportunity.
  • Your choice of hardware, screens etc.
  • Conference and learning budget, support for giving talks and presentations.
  • Open sourcing core libraries.
  • Free (and plentiful) Five Elephant coffee.
  • Family-friendly office hours and working culture.
  • Established business with a clear pathway and resources to grow.
  • Generous staff discount - fill your home with awesome designer gear!
  • Absolute bare minimum of meetings. Prepare for a clear calendar.
  • Want to work in a specific way? We're flexible and want you to be comfortable, happy and productive as part of the team.
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