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Our Vision

Everybody has something they want to learn and something they can teach. We know that anyone can be a teacher. But in the past, teachers could only help those around them. Scoodle is creating a way for the whole world to become a classroom. Educators can share and create content that lives online and helps students grow. Students can learn from and connect with the teachers who resonate with them the most. The best teachers around the world are not always accessible. You may not know the world’s best piano instructor or the best English teacher, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Scoodle is opening up access to the best teachers, so that everyone can grow together.

It’s a pretty powerful vision, and we need to work with the best to achieve it. That’s why you’re here!

Your role at Scoodle

You'll be working within Scoodle's main product team as well as the founders to fulfil the vision of Scoodle. Our team is small and nimble; every feature you work on will directly help establish Scoodle's core platform. We try to give each member of the team the autonomy needed to drive the successful delivery of features, so you will have a high degree of ownership over your work.

What you'll be doing

You're coming to Scoodle as a generalist Software Engineer, with a strong focus on Mobile development. You will be building a scalable cross-platform app in React Native and bringing your knowledge of engineering best-practices to the product. This includes modern development processes, tooling, deployment, testing amongst others.

After a couple of months you will be well versed in both JavaScript (with Typescript), ReactJS and React Native. There is also scope to work across our entire stack which includes everything from AWS and Docker, to NodeJS and Python.

Given our team is small, we wear many hats, so we encourage you to bring your skillsets to contribute to our vision.

What we're using

Scoodle has a couple of services and applications in production.

Our mobile app is built with state of the art ES2020, React Native, Redux, ESLint, TypeScript, Jest, and Detox. We try to push the boundaries of what mobile can achieve.

For our web front-end we run an isomorphic React application. We build with the latest tools, our web app runs on ESNext, React, Redux, NodeJS, Express, Webpack, Jest and SCSS.

Our backend stack runs on Flask (Python) services deployed mostly to AWS using: EC2, S3, Lambdas, Step Functions, CodeDeploy, ELB, ElasticSearch and a range of other services. We also integrate with GCP for logging, SendGrid, Twilio and Stripe.


  • 3+ years of commercial software development experience
  • 2+ years of relevant mobile development experience in React Native
  • Familiarity with full-stack software development
  • Proven experience in working on backend services
  • Proven experience in working with databases
  • Familiarity with other front-end languages and JS frameworks e.g. TypeScript, React
  • Open to learning and working across our entire software stack
  • Experience working in a TDD environment
  • (Bonus) You are passionate about education


  • Equity! We want you to succeed as we do
  • Unlimited holidays
  • Personal development budget to put towards books, courses and training
  • A competitive salary
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