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Senior Front-end Engineer


What we do at Codat 

Codat is a fast-growing technology company located in Clerkenwell, Central London. We are a universal API for small business financial data. 

We build developer-friendly infrastructure that gives businesses the ability to create their own next- generation products. We are well-funded with a large and growing number of enterprise and fintech clients - most recently we were awarded a £5m grant from the RBS Capability and Innovation Fund to help power our growth. 

What you will be doing 

You will joining front-end developer in a new team responsible for the creation of an exciting new Codat product. Our product is relied on by a wide range of financial institutions, including start- up fintech lenders, major payments processors and leading high-street banks, and the brief of this new team is to produce a portal our customers can use to interact with the product quicker, without needing to complete a full integration with our API. You’ll be integrating with Codat’s best-in-class API for financial data on small businesses and building innovative front-end experiences on top of it to help our clients make sense of that data. 

Our engineers operate in small, focused, multidisciplinary, and highly autonomous teams of around 4 to 6 people. Our teams tend to include:

  • A hands-on Lead Engineer who spends time focusing on product alignment, technical alignment, and people, as well as coding.
  • A QA Engineer who represents quality throughout the team and encourages critical thinking as well as supporting automation.
  • Software Engineers who help with business analysis, writing tests and code, and operating the components that the team owns.

We’re looking for an experienced front-end software engineer who can take full ownership of the front-end element of this new product. We need someone who is comfortable setting up all the elements of modern, scalable SPAs from scratch, and who can guide and mentor our team to ensure it is built in the right way. The successful candidate will be working closely with our product team and pilot customers to refine and iterate the product spec. We will be hiring a small team of high-quality front-end developers into this team over the next 6 months and anticipate that the Front-End Engineer will eventually become responsible for line-managing, mentoring and directing this team. 

Our values 

No matter what we’re doing, whether we’re speaking to customers, partners or to each other, we try at all times to live by our values: 

Useful - We believe in delivering technology that solves real problems for real businesses. We have a real want to do the stuff that isn't always sexy but makes a difference. 

United - We believe that the people in the best teams push and enable each other to excel. We have each other’s back - when things go wrong, there isn't blame, we work together to fix it. We embrace differences of opinion to end up with an even better outcome - not letting our egos win. 

Unstoppable - We believe that constant drive towards a single, clearly stated goal is the primary method of building great things. We are biased towards action - our decisions are informed and then we act. There is no such thing as a hard problem - it is how we outperform others. 

What excites us

  • Our front-end is built in React, using Typescript
  • Familiarity with Rest Apis, able to peek behind the server code, appreciation for C# and Azure webservices.
  • Unit Test
  • We use a mix of technologies at Codat, but most are services supplied by Azure and leveraged using C#, we like engineers that like to keep up to date with C# and have an interest in design patterns. 
  • Our apps work extensively with the .NET web stack and knowledge of ASP.NET and REST APIs is really helpful.
  • Clear and concise communicators; we expect Engineers to collaborate with other team members, including developers, quality assurance engineers and product stakeholders outside of Engineering.
  • We have a passion for testing and working with frameworks like Jest, react-testing-library, enzyme or Cypress etc, to do behaviour and data driven unit tests.
  • We really like engineers that are self-motivated, have a logical and systematic approach to problems solving, but understand things work best when we work as a team, are approachable, open minded, and patient.
  • A lot of the problems we solve at Codat are about standardising data from various sources, this is a different set of problems to many software businesses, and we really like engineers who enjoy working with data and puzzling out problems that may not be obviously solved. A good head for financial systems helps, but isn’t necessary.

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