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Senior Software Engineer


What is Homes at Airbnb?

Whenever anyone thinks of Airbnb, the first thing that comes to mind is Homes. Homes is Airbnb’s core business and we work on everything from driving improvements to the Guest and Host experience to launching new initiatives from the ground up. Within Homes engineering, you can have significant impact on a wide range of Airbnb products and users. You will be on a small team designed to maximize your ability to deliver results. If you are motivated by how much visibility your work has, how much it impacts the company's bottom line, how many users see your work, or how it will impact your career growth, Homes is a great place to launch your Airbnb career.


What is the Airbnb for Work/Homes Olympics Team?

Homes is Airbnb’s core business and has expanded from one marketplace to multiple categories including Airbnb for Work, Hotels, Core Hosts, Professional Hosts, Plus, China, and Lux. There are more verticals to come as our business continues to grow rapidly. Airbnb for Work is responsible for growing business travel on Airbnb. With the partnership between Airbnb and the Olympics, the team is now focusing on supporting the International Olympics Committee (IOC), its subsidiaries, and athletes. These users mimic the use cases of the work travelers and organizations. We will build products to help enable the Olympic games for the next 10 years and launch organizations along the way to help grow our main business lines. We operate at all levels of the stack: frontend, backend, data, and mobile.

Example Projects include:

  • Tailored onboarding experience for the business traveler/athlete
  • Policy to allow organizations to set rules around how employees can book on Airbnb
  • Tailored experience to help travelers book within policy

What is Frontend at Airbnb?

Frontend Engineers are an essential part of Airbnb's Product Team. FEs work closely with world class product managers, designers, and data scientists. We rely and build on modern tooling such as Apollo/GraphQL and React, and deliver a strongly-typed UI using TypeScript. We build libraries and abstractions to make our lives easier such as Design Language System (DLS), our front-end toolkit, which helps ensure our product looks and works great everywhere from a Cinema Display with a fiber connection down to a cheap phone with a shaky 3G connection.

Airbnb is always looking for new ways to improve product performance and developer efficiency.  Here are some of our latest efforts to ship great UIs products quickly:

  • GraphQL and TypeScript: Rolling out GraphQL at Airbnb is a really exciting technical challenge to be a part of. We are moving to GraphQL while converting to TypeScript, which means end-to-end types from the backend all the way through our presentation components. We are collaborating actively with the Apollo team, allowing Frontend engineers to work at the absolute forefront of JavaScript work, everything from partial query caching, local device persistence, data mocking, and more!
  • Building for High Performance: Homes is leading the way at Airbnb, building a modern Frontend with portfolio of page load techniques, including service worker, the new "Arrive" framework (server-side rendering of React without loading React on the client), client routing with innovative lazy loading strategies. We are right at the point where we have the core infrastructure in place but haven't solved the tricky and interesting product side of the coin.


What You’ll Do

  • Drive the future of Frontend products in the industry and contribute to a world class user experience across all of Airbnb’s products
  • Collaborate with Product Managers and Experience Designers to iterate on the design and implementation of our product
  • Work with Data Scientists and Backend Engineers to build features and ship experiments
  • Build efficient and reusable front-end systems and abstractions
  • Find and address performance issues
  • Conduct design and code reviews
  • Identify areas of improvement and advocate for front-end best practices


What You’ll Need

  • 5+ years industry experience
  • Experience with modern JavaScript libraries and tooling (e.g. React)
  • Fluency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and related web technologies
  • Awareness of cross-browser compatibility issues
  • Demonstrated design and UX sensibilities
  • Demonstrated knowledge of Computer Science fundamentals
  • Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree, preferably in CS, or equivalent experience



  • Stock
  • Competitive salaries
  • Quarterly employee travel coupon
  • Paid time off
  • Medical, dental, & vision insurance
  • Life insurance and disability benefits
  • Fitness Discounts
  • 401K
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Apple equipment
  • Commuter Subsidies
  • Community Involvement (4 hours per month to give back to the community)
  • Company sponsored tech talks and happy hours
  • Much more… 



Airbnb has Engineering offices along the West Coast in the U.S. and our teams are growing quickly! Contact us to find out which office works best for you.




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