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Front-end engineer


As a Front-End Developer at Grabyo; you will be involved with building a browser-based video editing tool (similar to Premiere Pro or Final Cut), building beautiful and reusable UI components, and overcoming functionality challenges found in our web applications.

Media Source Extensions, Canvas, React, ES6, Webpack, styled-components, storybook... - these are a few of the state-of-the-art techs you will work with.

To make sure you keep growing your knowledge around tech, we provide you with professional development opportunities like Hackathons, Tech hours, and have a development budget and pair programming days to improve our automated testing culture.

Some of your responsibilities at Grabyo will include:

  • Building in-browser video tools
  • Migrating old parts of the platform to use the latest and shiniest of our stack
  • Collaborating to our design system
  • Taking ownership of your work, if you build it, you will maintain it and keep on improving it

How do I get this job?

  • At least one year experience in a similar position
  • Proven expertise and professional experience in JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • Experience with front-end framework or a view library (React, Angular, ...)
  • Experience with testing (unit tests, UA tests, ...)
  • Curiosity and passion for learning
  • A good eye for design and user experience

The big plus...

  • Experience of component libraries and styleguides
  • Exposure to state management libraries
  • Understanding of video editing tools

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