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Software Development Engineer


Talk is cheap. Show me the code. - Linus Torvalds

If you have spent 2+ years converting caffeine to code that produces a self-explanatory UI, then you may be the person for us. While the position is ideally in Bengaluru, considering the current situation, you may choose to work from anywhere until such time as we figure it is safe to move to a collaborative office space. 

You will be working with a team of expert software engineers who are designing world-class products to make all ground transportation safer, using data and analytics. Zendrive is focused on building products to support the evolution of transportation. 

We need you to help our frontend team support our customer facing products including the management of the dashboard and developer portal, using technologies such as ReactJS, Redux, HighCharts and Foundation Email. 

What we expect of you: 

-Add new components to our Front End Foundations library
-Write user centric tests and define best practices for ensuring enterprise grade reliability
-Contribute to improving performance benchmarks and developer productivity.

Relevant links:

What you must do: 

You will obviously write readable, scalable, maintainable code with extensive test coverage. In addition, we expect you to be able to solve problems by breaking down complex problems into logical pieces and implementing the most optimal solution. 

You should be capable of prioritizing tasks, improving performance benchmarks and developer productivity and enable monitoring of web performance metrics and alerts to ensure the reliability of frontend systems. 

You must take ownership of small-to-medium features from technical design through completion. 

What you need to have: 

-2 to 4 years of industry experience
 -Experience with functional programming in JavaScript and modern JavaScript Libraries & tooling (e.g. React)
-Familiarity with modern style systems like CSS-in-JS
-Good understanding of Flux/Redux, REST clients, async/await patterns, ES6 constructs
-Awareness of cross-browser compatibility issues
-Thorough understanding of Web Security and debugging capabilities of JS applications
-Demonstrable design and UX sensibilities and knowledge of computer science fundamentals and ability to troubleshoot in your area of ownership

You may earn bonus points for any experience you may show on RESTful web service development, your exposure to AWS or other cloud services, data visualization techniques, test automation using Cypress / Selenium and building CI / CD pipelines. 

If you are excited about the job description and see yourself excelling in this role, hit the APPLY FOR THIS JOB button at the end of this page. Our Talent Acquisition team will get in touch with you.

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