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Picnic has multiple mobile apps that are of crucial importance to the business. Just to name two of them: the store app allows our customers to do their grocery shopping as conveniently as possible, and the runner app guides our delivery girls and boys through the streets, to make our customers happy with bags full of fresh and tasty products. 

At Picnic, we use native and React Native alongside each other. Our android and iOS apps were developed as native apps. More recently, we have started to use React Native where possible. Using cross-platform technologies allows us to do more in the same amount of time and do it better. Like this we deliver more value to our customers, which is what we are all about.

We chose React Native because it is an opt-out technology: it provides an escape hatch to native when necessary. Hence, there is no lock-in. If the framework does not work for us for a specific use-case we can use native instead. However enthusiastic we are about the technology, we are not dogmatic about it: we only use React Native where it makes sense. The user experience is our first priority.

And don’t worry, we love type-safety so all our React Native code is written in TypeScript. We cannot imagine writing code without static types, so you don’t have to worry about having to write code in a dynamically typed language called JavaScript.

🏢 Where you fit in

You get excited by creating exceptional products that change the lives of millions and love writing high-quality code that works under all circumstances and is easy to maintain. You stay on top of the latest developments in the community and are not afraid to challenge the status quo. 

You have a problem-solving instead of problem-finding mentality and are at ease talking business, while transforming high level business requirements into a technical plan. Instead of executing silently, you are looking to build up a team and have tons of fun while developing something great.

🔥 What challenges await you

  • Shape the strategy for integrating React Native components in our native apps
  • Define conventions and infrastructure around React (Native) development
  • Build out our backend-driven UI framework, developed in React Native
  • Transition existing functionalities from native to React Native (whenever possible) 
  • Train our amazing team of native engineers
  • Live and breathe innovation, technology, and engineering

👉🏼 Who you are

  • Bachelor in Computer Science or equivalent
  • Experience shipping (high-traffic) React Native apps
  • Experience shipping (high-traffic) native apps on one of the platforms (Android or iOS)
  • Knowledge about the internals of the React Native framework
  • Fluent in JavaScript/Typescript
  • Experience with SCM, preferably Git
  • Fluent in English, Dutch not required
  • For bonus points: open source contributions to the React Native framework

👩‍💻 The tech we use

  • TypeScript and RxJS
  • React Native
  • CodePush
  • Redux, Styled Components
  • Jest, Storybook

🍩 Picnic perks

Located in Amsterdam, our fun-filled office is the best place for you to focus on your Picnic projects. Equipped with your favorite hardware and surrounded by like-minded people, you’ll grow professionally and personally, while enjoying the startup life along the way. We like to keep our 40-hour work-week flexible around here.

Our tech team consists of 15 product teams, which handle tons of innovative projects. Sharing, mentoring and keeping up to date is a must at Picnic: Meetups, webinars, Lunch & Learn sessions, and our very own Tech academy make sure that’s taken care of. Your soft skills will get some attention as well, with tailored training and courses.

Our salaries are market competitive and our pension program will put your mind at ease.

🏡 Relocation package?

Sure! If you join Picnic from abroad, we’ll cover your trip to Amsterdam, sponsor your Visa, and offer you a month of accommodation while you settle in.

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