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Full Stack Javascript Developer


This is a remote contract position in a very fast growing New York startup in the healthcare transportation industry.

The technology skillset needed for the front end is React and Node. Familiarity with AWS is essential, as the current stack utilizes Cloudfront and API gateway to connect to databases using Lambda services.

Experience with CI/CD pipelines and automated deployment technologies such as Chef/Puppet etc will be helpful as we want this role to also template the current and future stack in AWS Cloudformation (so we can click-to-deploy sandbox/other region environments), ensure best practices/HIPAA compliance/ability to scale are in place for utilized services.

Experience with MySQL is also desirable. This role will also be defining and building an API integration between our overseas team (based in Ukraine) and this project (right now, Lambdas in VPCs run read-only operations on the production MySQL database, but ability to eventually write to that database is envisioned).

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