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Front-End Developer

BrightPage Technologies

Are you looking to lead an innovative development project? Do you want your creativity to be valued? Do you want your work to directly improve people’s quality of life?

We are looking to recruit our first developer to begin building a web-app. You will be implementing our core innovation to text presentation, which has attracted the attention of the largest US companies. You will have ample room to contribute to design and to be creative around the UI/UX.

There will be no sifting through someone else’s code. You will establish best practices around version control, documentation and testing, where future recruits can follow suit. The ideal candidate might not have vast experience in every technical area, but will be keen to learn and develop new skillsets.

We are looking for people with experience in:

  • JavaScript (with experience in React, Vue, Angular or similar)
  • Modern HTML and CSS
  • Git version control
  • A good understanding and appreciation for responsive mobile or web applications
  • Good working knowledge of Adobe design software or other similar software

And maybe you’ve also got:

  • Experience implementing the web accessibility standards
  • Experience of automated testing and continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD)

And you’re the type of person who:

  • Can get motivated by the company mission to innovate the digital reading experience, and to improve the quality of life for people
  • Is happy to work independently on the development work, whilst collaborating closely for planning and reflection
  • Works in a structured way, meeting customer-driven deadlines
  • Is keen to learn and develop new skillsets

What we offer:

  • A competitive salary
  • The opportunity to earn a stake in the company
  • A dynamic workspace at the RBS Accelerator in the centre of Glasgow, with flexibility around working from home
  • Supportive, knowledgeable teammates
  • Flexible working hours
  • The chance to shape the company culture
  • The chance to work for an ambitious, innovative new start up

We are innovating the digital reading experience

Have you noticed that text on screen is typically presented like it is ink on a page? The potential of dynamic, powerful, electronic displays is not being harnessed. Reading can be a more engaging and efficient experience for everyone, but a new approach is especially needed for the visually impaired.

Conceived at the University of Edinburgh, this approach moves the text to mimic natural eye movements. The machine thus takes on some of the burden. We call it predictive text for reading.

We have received the backing of both the Royal Academy of Engineering and Innovate UK to develop this technology and produce market-ready software to aid the visually impaired to read.

We have begun the conversation with the largest US tech companies about how they can integrate our solution. The first step, however, will be to develop the tech into a standalone app. We have the support of several major vision charities in the UK and the USA who are ready to promote us.  

You will be coming in right from the start, as we start by developing the basic solution and then think creatively, exploring the many possibilities it opens up. Your contributions to shaping this business will be welcomed.

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