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Senior Front-end Engineer


Qualdesk is redefining how product, design and engineering teams work together.

We’re building a platform that combines the power of a spreadsheet with the flexibility of a whiteboard, connected to all of the tools people already use. We’re making all enterprise software truly collaborative.

We want our tools to enable people to work naturally and fluidly, supporting human thinking and interaction rather than getting in the way. This creates big expectations both about the front-end experience and the way we deal with data and integrations, and we’re looking for people who can help us tackle these challenges.


You at Qualdesk

You’ll be among the very first hires at Qualdesk, and as a result you'll help the founders, Peter and Łukasz, shape not only the engineering culture but also the fundamentals of how we work together as a business.

Peter’s background is in product management and consulting, and Łukasz is an experienced engineering leader. We’re building Qualdesk to solve problems we’ve encountered throughout our careers.

We want to build a team at Qualdesk that’s diverse and inclusive, and we’re committed to continuous improvement in this practice.

In this role, you’ll solve technical, design and UX challenges. Examples include:

  • creating an efficient frontend to support real-time multiplayer services
  • building tools that enable data discovery in a understandable way
  • creating a component library that can be reused by other team members

If you have experience in any of these areas, that’s an advantage but not a prerequisite.

Your skills

We don’t care about formal education or how many years you have worked as a professional. We expect that you have experience of working as a software engineer in a professional setting where you shipped production code.

You have experience in and enjoy working in an Agile environment.

Most of your code contribution will be in the front-end React and TypeScript codebase, but every now and then you might have to work with some of our backend serverless code.

You have experience working with a modern JS stack – ideally React with hooks in TypeScript, but we’re open to you demonstrating how your experience is relevant.

You have experience building front-end in different team setups – from working independently to collaborating closely with backend engineers, designers and product managers.

You enjoy solving design and usability challenges as much as you do technical ones.

You understand the relationship between well-written frontend code and a good user experience.

You understand the rules of software engineering and know when to break them.

You know that working in a team is about finding consensus, giving and receiving direct feedback and willingness to understand each others' experience.


  • 30 holiday days per year (in addition to bank holidays)
  • Company pension contribution of 5%
  • High spec MacBook Pro with full admin rights, 4K screen, keyboard and mouse (and any other tech you might need to do your job)
  • Company credit card for professional development purchases
  • Equity package

Work at Qualdesk

We value the balance between work and personal life, and we plan our work and roadmap against a 40 hour working week. While there might be times when you’re expected to work longer hours, these will be exceptions.


Office Location

Between your hiring date and the end of 2020

You can work remotely from any suitable location in the UK, which means somewhere where:

  • you have a high-speed internet connection suitable for video calling
  • you have a quiet and comfortable place to work

We will ask you to travel to central London for meetings and other face-to-face working sessions with the team. This is likely to be for a minimum of 1 working day out of every 10, and may be 'front loaded' so that we can spend a bit more time together when you first start.

We will ship your computer equipment to work to your remote workplace address when you start at Qualdesk.

You’ll be able to observe local public holidays in your remote working location.

From 1 January 2021

Your primary work location will be in central London.

As a guide, we currently anticipate that we'll expect you to be in the office for 3 working days out of every 5.

We're building Qualdesk to be a fully remote-enabled company, and as one of our first hires you'll help us to shape how this works in practice. If it proves that 3/5 days in the office is a stupid idea, we'll change the policy together.

Work travel

We expect you to be comfortable travelling infrequently both within the UK and elsewhere in the world as the role demands. For example, this might include attending team events, conferences and customer meetings. We think it's very unlikely that this will be required until 2021 and even then, we don’t expect it to be for more than 2 days out of every month.


Hiring and interview process

Our goal is to give you complete clarity about our process, and to treat all applicants fairly and with respect.

Stage 1: Telephone screening

A member of our team will have a 20 minute call with you to understand your background, what you think you’re good at and what kind of working environment you’re searching for.

The next day we will either:

  • Confirm the date for Stage 2 of the interview process, which will be within 2 weeks of your screening call, or
  • Let you know that we won't be progressing at this point and why

Stage 2Meet the team

You will meet both of the founders over a video call. This stage will take 3 hours and can be split into multiple sessions over the course of one day to make scheduling easier.

We will ask you questions about your experience and find out why you’re a good candidate for the role. You’ll have an opportunity to ask any questions you might have about Qualdesk.

We will ask you to bring a code example that you’re particularly proud or happy with. This could be:

  • because it took you a long time to crack the problem
  • because you’re particularly happy with the implementation
  • because you solved something that is very difficult

We will ask you to walk us through the code and will ask questions about your solution.

The next day we will either:

  • Ask you to confirm contact details for 2-3 references, or
  • Let you know that you haven't been successful and why

We aim to complete referencing calls within a week, and will then either:

  • Send you an offer letter, or
  • Let you know that the references weren't sufficiently positive for us to proceed

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