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Posted 4 years ago

Wi-5 is looking to hire a brilliant full stack Javascript engineer, to help us improve how we build, test and deploy all of our products and micro-services in the cloud.

We use a modern tech stack including VueJS and React in the front-end, NodeJS in the backend, AWS as our preferred cloud (especially Lambda) and Terraform/Serverless for infrastructure-as-code.

We are especially excited about serverless infrastructures, though we still need to improve our testing and CI strategy specifically for serverless applications.

We're looking at a brilliant JS developer who would like to mix it up with both testing and devOps expertise. You would work with our CTO, our lead devOps, all of our Javascript developers to design and build a great solution for building, testing and deploying our serverless code, and automating all E2E tests and infrastructure monitoring.

This is a great opportunity to train yourself in cloud technologies, infrastructure-as-code and serverless services.


  • Automate E2E testing and CI/CD for all of our products
  • Experiment with all serverless services
  • Load-test our infrastructure and services
  • Automate performance testing and smoke testing
  • Develop and maintain high-performance front-end applications written in VueJS and React
  • Develop and maintain backend APIs and back-office dashboards in NodeJS
  • Work closely with devOps engineers to deploy and monitor Javascript applications in production
  • Architect for the best performance, security and reliability


  • Strong commercial experience with Javascript
  • Experience of front-end Javascript technologies such as React, Vue, Webpack etc
  • Experience with AWS
  • Experience of designing SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Experience of serverless hosting services
  • Knowledge of configuration-as-code and infrastructure-as-code
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