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Front-end Engineer


We are currently searching for a Front-end (or Full-Stack) Engineer, passionate about vision and idea of our product and able to work with the user-facing part of our application.
You will join our cross-functional Growth, CRM team, responsible for activating, engaging, and retaining our students across their lifecycle.
This position will be contributing to an ambitious roadmap that includes developing an effective gamification framework into the product that includes achievements, milestones, rewards and cues to keep students motivated and allow them to easily understand their progress towards their language goals. The solutions implemented could be diverse so an engineer will be working across different parts of the Preply stack.

Our front-end developers work on all parts of our system from improving the UX, to making our API more robust. We like to build user-facing features, Typescript, TDD, A/B testing, speed optimization and SEO tricks that help us build a bigger business. We have diverse technical challenges that will allow you to develop your skills across the stack.

Your expected outcomes:

    • Constantly add value to the experience of our customers by writing readable, testable and efficient code.
    • Dedicate time to deeply understand our users' challenges, and find the solution.
    • Make our best practices even better (continuous integration, automated testing, code reviews).
    • Improve page load speed, develop new killer features.
    • Collaborate with backend developers on designing our GraphQL API.
    • Our tech stack: React v16, NextJS, Apollo GraphQL client, CSS Modules, Storybook, TypeScript, Webpack, Docker, AWS.

Your competency profile:

    • Exceptional communication skills.
    • At least 3 years of experience in commercial software development.
    • Expert knowledge of JavaScript, React Ecosystem.
    • Commanding grasp of HTML, CSS, Webpack, and related web technologies.
    • High level of self-organization, ownership, responsibility.
    • Any of GraphQL, WebSockets, Python, AWS experience is an additional strength.
    • Nice to have is working knowledge of NextJS or similar SSR framework.
    • Min. B2 English level.

What we offer:

    • Work in the same office with easy-going and open-minded people from all over the world.
    • Easy-to-reach location.
    • Health insurance.
    • Monthly bonus deposit for self-development on
    • Strong financial package, fully paid vacation and sick leave.
    • Ability to work remotely 1 day per week.
    • Possibility to become a part of a truly big story.
    • Active office life with biweekly gatherings.

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