React Native Mobile Engineer


We are looking for an experienced, self-driven and passionate mid-level React Native Mobile engineer with a strong background in building modern enterprise scale applications to lead our frontend engineering team

Movemeback is a global, London HQ start-up on a mission to build a world where anyone can access opportunities anywhere. We have built the first of its kind professional and social networking platform connecting individuals and organisations across the world to career, investment and entrepreneurial opportunities in Africa! Some liken us to a cross between the Linkedin, Tinder (connecting people) and Airbnb for African opportunities. Our mission is to apply modern technology to tangibly address some of the world’s largest unsolved problems, related to creating global transparency and access to unique opportunities, connecting people and forming meaningful connections for driving economic development. In Africa we have a target of contributing to the creation of 500 million jobs by 2035.

We are building products that will be used by and hopefully change the lives of millions. To achieve this we want people who genuinely enjoy learning, building, creating, changing and who aspire to personal and professional excellence to join us. If that is you and you have the right experience, the following is likely to apply:

We are looking for an experienced UX/UI designer with strong overall product design experience. We are looking for someone capable of unifying a multi-feature site to provide a streamlined, simplified and clear user experience. We have bold plans of solving some of the world’s largest unsolved problems around connecting people and forming meaningful connections for mutual and broader macro-economic benefit and we require a designer who is equally as ambitious and tenacious as we are.

You must have experience as or be moving towards Head of Product Design / Head of User Experience or Lead UX Designer. You must also have a strong portfolio of web and mobile apps for high traffic platforms, sites or apps. Strong conceptual and analytical skills. You must be set on tackling complex issues but your designs must communicate simplicity.

This is a great opportunity for anyone keen to join a high growth start-up and contribute to a platform with great traction and on track to be genuinely influential globally. 

You will be a good fit for this role if you exhibit the following high-level capabilities:

  • Think and architect solutions from a systems point of view, with a good balance
  • Translate complex high-level business requirements in rapid application prototypes with limited support
  • Create highly effective application architectures and reusable components to simplify complex requirements
  • Coach junior team members to build and develop in-house capabilities from within
  • Operate self-sufficiently without the support of a backend team where required
  • Think and plan  ahead of other team members and consider technical, business and user risks and issues
  • Demonstrate first class communication skills and project management skills and follow Agile best practice
  • Enjoy working in a team, leading and working with others 

You will have most of the following skills and experience

Technical Skills:

  • Minimum 5 years web development experience developing and architecting technical solutions across various coding languages
  • Practical experience building commercial grade apps with React Native (minimum 2 year React Native commercial experience - experience building simple applications does not count).
  • Strong native development experience with iOS or Android (ideally both)
  • Java and Swift experience
  • Experience architecting high-level mobile solution and integration
  • Experience architecting mobile communication integration i.e. push notifications, single sign on solutions, real time messaging
  • CI/CD, automation build and test tools
  • Deep React, Redux, RxJS
  • Database experience (SQL and NoSQL)
  • Rest API knowledge
  • TDD/BDD experience

Team & Process:

  • Experience working and being a technical expert in small high-performing teams of front-end developers
  • Agile workflow methodology - able to split roadmaps into sprints and manage backlogs via tools such as JIRA.
  • Experience translating high-level functional and technical requirements into use cases and technical diagrams
  • Good knowledge of SCM practices e.g. Github feature based development

You will be at an advantage if you also have the following:

  • Knowledge of backend e.g. .Net, Java, Django etc. and understanding of how frontend integrates with backend in an enterprise level project.
  • Experience with mobile development using Angular
  • Experience with other Javascript frameworks e.g. ReactJS, VueJS
  • Experience with a contract-first development approach; i.e. using tools such as Swagger and Postman for better coordination with backend team
  • Experience using NgRx state management
  • Experience configuring and deploying Cloud Platforms such as AWS, GCM
  • Experience following and implementing automated documentation practices, using generation tools e.g. Compodoc 

You are likely to be successful and enjoy working with us if you identify with some of the following (more the better):

  • Enjoy building products that users love to use
  • Preference for solving ‘impossible’ problems
  • Using technology to make a change in the world
  • Enjoy working with others in a high-performing team and achieving as a - group
  • Enjoy working in a fast-paced environment
  • Preference for learning and using new technologies
  • Enjoy taking big but calculated risks, challenging one-self and achieving beyond your means, age or experience
  • You have a  track record of being part of high-impact teams and delivering big outcomes
  • A track record of personal excellence in academia (e.g. Engineering, Science, Mathematics) or achievements in extracurricular activities and hobbies

What we look for is a very accurate proxy for what we value and our culture. If you are interested in being considered or generally want to learn more, please apply, we’d love to talk to you.

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