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Front-End Developer


Multiple technologies, a growing business and some rather fabulous team mates (if we do say so ourselves). So, what else can you expect from the role?

As a front-end developer, the lions share of your time will be spent working on our super onboarding SaaS product Eli. Working with other developers to refactor and build Eli using React, Redux and Typescript. There is a particular focus on re-writing the code, moving from AngularJS to React and writing unit tests, but also building of new features as we go. And, from time to time, you'll also get involved on some of the awesome websites we develop each year.

Required Skills

  • Experience of working with React, Redux & Typescript
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Experience in TDD and writing unit tests
  • Good knowledge of browser differences, limitations and quirks
  • Good knowledge of differences in and support of versions of ECMAScript
  • Experience with writing code for working with third party APIs
  • Experience of working with version control systems (e.g. GIT)

Bonus points for...

  • React hooks & sagas
  • Node.js, Babel, Webpack, Jest, React Testing Library tools
  • AngularJS experience
  • ASP.NET C# experience
  • Experience in having built responsive websites from Photoshop designs
  • Experience in Windows Server management
  • Experience in IIS configuration
  • Experience in working with and using Microsoft SQL Server

And in the future...

  • Learning ASP.NET, MVC and Microsoft Web API
  • Building sites in Umbraco
  • Enter your goals here.....

You must be eligible to work in the UK.

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