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Senior Frontend Engineer

Archimedes Digital

At Archimedes, you will play an integral role reinventing the way universities and museums share data with each other and the world. We are building mobile, desktop, AR and VR projects for the digital humanities such as Orpheus — our digital collections service, The Center for Hellenic Studies Classical Commentaries — a site allowing professors to annotate ancient texts, and MorgantinaVR — a way for people to look back into the past at ancient ruins. Specifically, you’ll bridge design and development, working in Javascript to create beautifully-designed and intuitive frontends that will be used by myriads of different types of users.

We are a distributed team around the US and world. What you might call our “head office” is located in Cambridge, MA, and we partner with over 30 leading academic institutions, museums, libraries, and archives internationally. We’re an agency building its platform for connecting users to their shared traditions and cultures. You can find out more about us here:

You’d enjoy working with us if the following are true about you:

- Think and speak fluently in both UX and code.
- Value simplicity and clarity in design. Our engineering strongly reflects this value.
- Have a strong background in front-end development and familiarity with working across the stack.
- Want to build a stunning front-end experience.
- Enjoy staying up to date with the changing JavaScript ecosystem.
- Passionate about microinteractions that lead to delightful experiences.
- Are self-led but highly aligned with your teammates; we develop fast, and align every 2-3 days.

Experience with:

- Modern JavaScript standards and web fundamentals.
- Building data-intensive and interactive web applications.
- Creating or contributing to a reusable style guide and UI toolkit.
- Leveraging HTML5 and CSS and can make the right choices when building responsive UI applications.
- The intricacies of the DOM and have command over the APIs and their performance implications.
- Experience with React and GraphQL

Additionally, you can consider a brief write-up of who we are and our company culture here:

We're concerned about the quality of life and creative empowerment of all team members, and follow the Gitlab handbook as our default model for how to structure Archimedes Digital. It’ll answer most of your questions, and sometimes we might deviate from it when needed, although we haven’t yet needed to do that. Some awesome things from the handbook worth highlighting:

- Unlimited vacation policy where you’re expected to take your home country’s annual leave amount every year as a minimum.
- Flexible hours policy. We try to keep a few hours in sync every day with the U.S. East Coast, but outside of that it’s very flexible. Structure your routine however you like.
- Parental leave plan for anyone who’s been a team member for over a year.
- Once a year-ish we get together in gorgeous Sicily, Italy where we collaborate with archaeologists, see their excavations and test out our latest apps.

This should be a no-brainer, but at Archimedes Digital we treat everyone equally. No matter what your walk of life or who you are, as long as you’re a nice person, you’re one of us. If this sounds exciting to you, then please fill out this survey:

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