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Senior Frontend Engineer



🏰 What we’re building

After creating custom payment systems in-house at previous companies and realizing the pain of keeping these ad-hoc solutions up to date, we started asking how other businesses were handling their business-to-business payment needs.

We spent 9 months conducting over 300 customer development interviews and came up with a framework to build the simplest way to send and receive B2B payments. Almost three years later, we have a product that we are proud of and a healthy list of happy customers, but we are really just getting started.

We are a small, but quickly growing engineering first startup with 80% of our team working remotely from a city they love! ❤️Our environment encourages intellectual curiosity, problem solving, and openness—one that provides the support and mentorship needed to succeed, learn, and grow. We’ll make sure you have everything you need to do your best work and make an impact.


🚝 Engineering at Routable

With being a front-end engineer comes the opportunity to be a major contributor to the voice and direction of the company. You would work directly with the product, design, and engineering teams to help shape our product and culture. It’s a unique chance to be an advocate for our incredible coding standards, efficiency and reliability.

🔭 What we are looking for:
• You are a highly knowledgeable and experienced frontend engineer
• You are excited about building customer-facing features to help bring clarity to the confusing world of B2B payments
• You are interested in setting direction for the team and help guide engineering vision
• You are comfortable implementing integrations with third party APIs
• Someone who thinks about testing while building a product

💻 Need to have:
• 5+ years of writing frontend code at a company, preferably with some start up experience
• Excellent UX and design sensibilities and a zeal for sweating the details
• You have built and maintained complex web apps with React and Redux
• Experience testing your code
• You have experience with backend frameworks, such as Django, Rails, or Express
• You are thrilled about working in a fast-paced start-up environment

➕ Nice to have:

• Understanding of payment platforms (ACH, Check, Credit card, etc.)



We are a remote friendly culture!
Rather than restrict ourselves to only find talent in one city, we’d rather find the absolute best people regardless of where they live.One amazing benefit to our remote culture, is that it enables our team to enjoy traveling ✈️ more regularly since they can literally work from wherever!

To help foster amazing relationships with our coworkers, we meet up quarterly as a whole team in some pretty awesome cities!
In the past we’ve met up in San Diego, Seattle, and Austin.
We’d rather invest money into memorable team events rather than expensive offices.
During our meet-up team time, we love to spend time learning a new skill together, and solving problems.
Most recently this has taken on the form of a bread-making class and defeating an Escape Room.
Yeah.. We love to compete together as a team.

We encourage our team to relax and recharge each weekend.
We’ve all been a part of startups before, and know how important it is to take care of yourself so that you can consistently contribute your best.
Quality downtime enables quality uptime.
Yes, we do have super-humans on the team, but even they need their R&R.

Some Perks

🏥amazing health insurance

😁dental insurance

👀vision insurance

📈stock options

🚀we're a remote team

📅unlimited PTO

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