Senior Front-End Developer

Full Time
Guatemala City, Guatemala   
Posted 4h ago

Please answer these 5 questions if you are interested in this role:
1. Why do you like coding? Programming?
2. When and why did you get into software development?
3. What do you do if the page takes to long to load for the end user?
4. Can you compare two or more Javascript frontend frameworks? Why do you like or prefer one over the other? Had you tried them?
5. When building a new web site or maintaining one, can you explain some techniques you have used to increase performance?

**The Company and Vision** is at a unique crossroads. We’ve built a successful and sustainable core business that has put us in a place to strategically build complementary products. We believe our next products will have a massive impact on how people shop for, enroll, and use their health insurance. We are growing quickly and looking for great people to join our team.

**Who We’re Looking For**
We're looking for someone who wants to build. The ideal developer is someone who truly wants to make an impact on the direction of our company and empower consumers to make better healthcare decisions.

The ideal developer is both skillful as a developer, but just as important, they possess a deep desire to be part of a team looking to have a large scale positive impact within a massive industry undergoing rapid, sometimes unpredictable change.

**Requirements, Expectations, and Perks**
In terms of development skills, we're looking for someone with...
- Ideally at least 2 years of experience with ReactJS or other JS frameworks
- A desire to build well-engineered, reusable front-end components and abstractions
- Experience working with version control systems specifically Git (Github)
- Experience integrating with REST services.
- Experience working in a DevOps culture or working with CI/CD pipelines.
- Experience in Agile development and Scrum.
- Experience working with Docker containers is a plus

Your non-technical skills...
- Intellectual curiosity, passion and creativity
- You value open communication and feedback
- You’re action oriented and thrive in a fast paced environment
- You’re in this for the long-haul
- Continous Learner, you always look for ways to expand your skill-set

We expect you to...
- Deliver products that will change the way our customers purchase insurance products. You’ll have a significant impact on our company's strategic direction
- Design, build, and optimize products with the help and advice of our cross-functional team (UX designers, product managers, and back-end engineers)
- Embrace emerging standards while promoting best practices in order to push the limits of what a browser can do
- Implement responsive, adaptive and mobile websites that are flexible to the many different devices and browsers
- Work well both independently and as part of a team

- Proven experience in client-side scripting and JavaScript frameworks
- Expertise in JS unit testing process and frameworks
- Experience using package managers, design and automate build pipelines for Front End Applications
- Experience with at least one language suited to web programming such as C#, Java, Python, JS/Node.js is a plus
- Experience integrating and working with analytics event tracking, A/B testing and tag management solutions
- Demonstrated contributions to open source projects
- A track record of personal projects, activity in developer communities, or other portfolios of work

- Working from home once a week
- Awesome team
- Office within a great space (free coffee, snacks, fussball table, video game consoles and more.)