Senior Full-Stack Developer

Truelogic Software

Full TimeReact
Posted 3 years ago

Project Description

Join the development team of 3 cutting-edge food delivery apps, creating customized products that reflect each of their personalized brands. 


  • Work full-stack, developing back-end and front-end designs based on scaffoldings.
  • Work to integrate APIs for each of these products to various payment, shopping cart, and loyalty program functionalities.
  • Contribute to architecture of the applications.
  • In the roadmap of the project, we are planning to then add customized features for each of the food delivery apps to give them more personality and user-oriented improvements.


  • 4+ years experience with Javascript development. 
  • Advanced knowledge of React.js design.
  • Strong knowledge of Node.js for back-end development.
  • Some knowledge of hybrid development with React Native, Flutter, etc.
  • Previous work with AWS-based cloud services.
  • Desirable: Experience in e-commerce applications and food delivery apps.


  • Payment in USD
  • Free credentials for e-learning platforms
  • Remote workshops & activities
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