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Data Visualisation Engineer


Who we are
We help the world make sense of data by exposing the underlying relationships. We make Neo4j, which created the category of Graph Databases, and continues to be the most widely used product in the space. Graph Databases have seen explosive growth in recent years, due to the power of the graph data model over the traditional relational model. We sell to Fortune 500 companies around the world, and also have a community version available as open source software.
What we are doing
We are creating a platform of graph applications and tools that are built around the core Graph Database technology to serve our new and existing users. This platform includes Neo4j Bloom, an end-user application for interactive graph visualisation and exploration.
The Bloom team is looking for full-stack engineers who are fluent in front-end technologies, but who are also confident to work on the server-side part of the stack. Relevant experience includes things like web services (not necessarily written in Java) and database connectors, but also simply having worked on database backed applications outside of the web context.
Why we are different
Bloom is a modern single-page web application with server-side components written in Java as extensions for Neo4j. At the moment, these extension handle things like configuration persistence and collaboration features, but in the future we are foreseeing this will expand to things like search optimisation (advanced caching features), graph analytics and graph layout, in addition to supporting a rich set of client-side exploration and interactivity features.

The technologies we use most are:

  • React (and all the modern tooling you would expect in a fresh web application)
  • Redux
  • Electron (used for delivering our Neo4j Desktop application)
  • Java (+ Scala, Kotlin)
  • WebGL
  • Neo4j

What You'll Bring: 

  • Front-end experience and some back-end or non-web experience is essential for this role
  • The ideal candidate should be comfortable working on both our server-side Neo4j extensions and the client-side web application
  • Our engineers work in both our Malmö and London offices and most teams are split across the two, so you must be comfortable working as part of a distributed team
  • We use extensive automated testing, so proficiency with unit-testing up to full-stack integration testing will be helpful

 Why Join Neo4j?

At Neo4j, you get the opportunity to build and lead on the edge of what's new in the world of technology.

You have the opportunity to work alongside diverse and talented colleagues from around the globe. Our engineering headquarters are located in Malmö, Sweden and London, UK.

Intrigued by this role? We encourage you to apply even if you don't fit 100% of the listed qualifications.
Neo4j is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. Please read the Privacy Notice Regarding Neo4j's Recruitment Process to understand how the personal data that you provide is handled.

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