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Front End Engineer

Eagle Eye Networks


About Eagle Eye Networks:

Eagle Eye Networks is a cloud-based video management company. The Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS has been purpose-built for the cloud and provides unsurpassed security, redundancy and reliability while allowing partners and customers the use of a wide variety of IP and analog cameras. Eagle Eye’s cloud is ideal for end-users and resellers requiring single sign-on access to live, recorded or event-based video across multiple locations. The Eagle Eye VMS has strong APIs for the secure integration of third-party systems.

About Eagle Eye Networks Engineering:

At Eagle Eye Networks, our engineering domain ranges from embedded IoT devices to web and mobile frontends. Eagle Eye Networks is a complete platform from top to bottom, providing hardware and software solutions for the video surveillance industry worldwide.

Being an IoT company with a global footprint presents a unique set of engineering challenges you won’t find in a typical SaaS company. Using cutting edge technology and microservices architecture, we work to provide instant and secure access to massive amounts of video surveillance data streaming into our data center locations around the globe.

If this sounds exciting to you, come join our team!

Eagle Eye Networks Engineering has a truly unique opportunity for well-rounded engineers. Sure, call it a Frontend Engineer position, however, the Eagle Eye Networks’ technology stack extends beyond the usual frontend/backend developer definitions.

We are primarily seeking Javascript software engineers familiar with web application frameworks and building large scale Javascript applications. At Eagle Eye Networks, Full Stack means you’ll have to rely on your background in systems and networking protocols to build containerized microservices. We are looking for people that can put together a few Docker containers, lay down some application code and accomplish the end goal rather quickly.

So what’s unique? As a developer, imagine part of your responsibilities being able to build new systems and services from the ground up, from scratch, having real opportunities to create instead of trying to find creativity in maintaining existing systems. Do you have experience building web applications that rely heavily on web sockets? We are building microservices atop a large scale worldwide streaming architecture. If you want to know more or have experience in this area, you might be a great fit for our team.


  • Build and maintain our web application
    • Maintain our web application by refactoring and progressing the application forward to more optimized and cleaner code.
    • Work with websockets and bidirectional communication protocols for a more performant user experience.
    • Build primitive constructs for reusability throughout the application.
    • Utilize optimization techniques like compressing Javascript files and compressing template files for a faster load time user experience.
  • Build and maintain external single page web applications and internal web service interfaces related to microservices.
    • Build modular web components that can be integrated with our Cloud VMS web application.
    • Quickly prototype new web application features.
    • Continually improve our frontend build process.
  • Modularize components to be used by third parties
    • Build javascript components to be used by third-party integrators.
    • Build off the shelf templates that can be used by third parties or modified by third parties.
  • Build advanced Modularized Components
    • Own the Eagle Eye Networks HTML 5 video player.
    • Provide an awesome PTZ experience on 360 cameras using web technologies like WebGL.
  • Operate and improve upon the current SaaS/Cloud platform using Kubernetes and Docker containers on bare-metal across co-located data centers around the world. Must be able to manage large scale deployments and services in our data centers.
    • Design and develop microservices from the ground up using Docker containers, taking ownership of projects from inception to release.
    • Create rapid prototypes and documentation.
    • Build for scale.
  • Create and maintain a metric-driven environment.
    • Use log aggregation to paint a story and understand system behavior.
    • Log performance on API endpoints and optimize for speed and efficiency.


Desired Skills & Experience:

  • Javascript, node, REACT – 4+ years
  • Rest APIs, Git, JIRA – 3+ years
  • Python experience – 2+ years
  • Web Services, Flask, Django – 1+ years
  • Strong knowledge of TCP/IP and HTTP
  • Vue.js or Docker is a plus

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