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Senior Front End Developer



What makes this job meaningful?

The workplace has changed. Today’s employees expect more than just pay or title, they seek careers where they can learn, grow, be challenged, and be valued for the ideas they bring to the table.

Unfortunately, most organizations lack the tools and structure needed to create this kind of coaching and development culture across every team and every manager. Instead, their development efforts are buried in disconnected systems or compliance-based HR software.

When you join Leadr, you’ll be helping us to solve this incredibly complex, yet worthwhile, puzzle of one to one people development at scale within organizations.

Leadr exists to help every manager become a coach and give every employee a voice and you will play a crucial role in turning this vision into reality.

Our development team at Leadr gets to pioneer this vision through building our world-class product and the systems to support it. We take feedback from our team and customers to create a roadmap to build.

Why You’ll Be Motivated To Apply…

  • You feel masterful at developing the frontend of beautiful, high-scale Saas web applications but you are yearning for growth. What you yearn for is the ability to exponentially grow your career. Where do I go to from here?
  • At this stage in your career you want to be asked to solve problems, rather than “told what to do”.
  • You’re excited by our tech stack and know that it presents both an opportunity for you dazzle us with your current skills but also stretch and grow.
  • Leadr is an early stage startup and with that comes amazing growth opportunities. Most likely you’ve only worked at large mature bureaucratic companies or small companies that aren’t really growing. Leadr is neither of those things. You are going to stretch so much you’ll wish you were made out of nylon.
  • Leadr is doing something radical and exciting. You noticed that when you checked out our website.
  • Whatever happens in the economy, Leadr is a solid financial position. We are startup, but we have 24 months of runway and we believe our product is needed now more than ever.

Why We Need You …

  • As we are coming out of beta we are looking to speed-up, not slow-down. During the beta phase it was ok to deploy releases to production every 2 weeks but going forward we need a more sophisticated build pipeline. Our goal is to have production updated multiple times per day. Safely!
  • We want someone who "geeks out" on front-end. You are the Michelangelo of front-end development.
  • We are transitioning to having vertically-integrated development teams where the devs, the QA and the product people are all working together in the same location (although under the current circumstances we're just happy to have everyone in the same timezone! We're all working remotely until things settle down).
  • You will enable us to ship value faster and more frequently without breaking things or disrupting users.


Our Tech Stack:

At a high level our tech stack is a React frontend on top of a microservice backend implemented as NodeJS AWS Lambdas with data stored in DGraph, a graph DB. Terraform, NightwatchJS and Jenkins are all part of the magic that gets features into production. We're currently developing iOS and Android companions apps.

Our SDLC and Deployment Process:

Our team works in 2 week sprints and follows an Agile-ish approach. We are enthusiastic about test automation and TDD, we have pretty good unit test coverage and we're expanding on that to build integration level testing too. We are utilizing Feature Flags and we're putting in place all the infrastructure we need to support safely and reliably deploying code to production several times per day.

You Will Be Well Set To CRUSH This Role If...

  • You have 5+ years of experience in building delicious front-ends for web applications, especially SasS applications.
  • You will have an online portfolio of your work.
  • To be considered for this vital role you need to have prior experience contributing to the deployment and support of a B2B or B2C Saas product that was a "daily-use" type of application, with a SDLC that closely matches what we are striving towards. In that role you were an integral part of successfully and reliably deploying updates to production on a daily basis.
  • Experience with feature flags is a bonus.
  • You can devise engineering solutions by considering multiple options and then present the pros/cons including cost, effort, complexity, scalability, maintainability etc as part of your proposal and then walk others through your decision matrix.
  • You are no stranger to test automation, in fact you are reluctant to call something Code Complete unless it has decent test coverage.
  • You’ve been part of a team that deploys commercial web apps built on cloud-native technologies through full CI/CD controlled environments.
  • You are passionate about what you do, you are a motivated self-starter and always learning and developing.
  • Given a complex 3-month long body of work you would be able to break that down into work units, estimate accurately, plan the work and execute it precisely within the expectations you’ve set with your team. You know you can do this because you’ve done it before.
  • You have a passion for our mission (developing people), and can’t wait to have a positive impact on our team and our customers.


This role reports to the Head of Product & Engineering (

When life goes back to normal this role will be located at our offices in Plano, Texas. Until we know what normal looks like this is a remote job.


We are pleased to offer valuable market-rate salary, bonuses, and benefits. We offer PTO, Paid Holidays, Flex Holidays, etc. We are committed to developing you as a leader and providing career growth throughout your employment with us. We promise to care for you as a person, and have meaningful conversations with you so you have the clarity and support you need to do your best work!

What can you expect for your interview process?

While not all candidates will complete the entire process, here’s what it looks like from start to finish. We’ll keep communication open the entire way so you always know where you stand.

  • Complete the Kick-Off Interview Form, which is part of the Application Process. We take your answers very seriously and will reference them throughout the interview process.
    We promise we won’t make you retype your resume into another form, we value your time.
  • A 30-45 minute Culture Interview either by video call or in-person.
    We’ll use this time to simply get to know you as a person and hear more about your story.
  • A 60-minute Technical Screen either by video call or in-person.
    We’ll use this time to make sure possess the minimum skills we think are required to accomplish the key objectives.
  • 3-4 hour meet & greet with the broader team, plus a more in-depth Technical Interview. This can be done either by video call or in-person. We’ll dig into how you would go about accomplishing the objectives we shared for the role and your past experience doing similar work.
  • And finally, the Offer letter is sent. Welcome to the team!

About Leadr

While the problem we’re tackling at Leadr is ambitious, we have reason to be optimistic:

  • Our early team is loaded with talented and experienced people who share a passion for the mission
  • The executive team has done this before, founding and leading a startup in the payments space to hypergrowth and a successful exit in less than 10 years
  • Because of our strong track record for success, we’re well funded with plenty of financial runway

Leadr is an Equal Opportunity-Affirmative Action Employer. Thank you for considering Leadr as the place to share your strengths and talents.

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