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We're building Draftbit to make it easier for everyone to build, launch, and iterate on mobile apps. And do it without writing code, unless you want to. Over time, we hope to make building great looking, high quality apps as easy as (or easier than?!) launching a website is now. And by doing so, we hope to democratize software development, allowing anyone to turn their idea into reality, and build it into something great. Obviously this isn't an easy undertaking, so we're looking for people to help us!

We're based in Chicago and backed by world-class investors (including Y Combinator).

// About The Position: //
We're looking for a someone who can step in and quickly level up our small team. While we're a seasoned team of builders, we know to succeed we need to constantly be growing, so we seek out new team members who can make us and our products better.

Since we're a young, fast-growing company, we also need you to be a generalist -- we all work on everything. We value self-management, execution over perfection, speed, and personal reliability.

We're building Draftbit with a combination of Javascript, React, React Native, ReasonML, Node, Hapi, Postgres, Graphql, Apollo, Heroku, AWS, and more...

// What we're looking for: //
• Comfort and experience working in a startup environment.
• Excitement for what we're building. We want people who bring new ideas to the table and care about what they are building.
• Proactivity and independence. You’re able to take an idea and run with it, rather than just following instructions.
• Experience as a strong voice inside a high-functioning engineering team. You've likely been the person everyone on the team goes to for counsel on the toughest technical challenges.

// Additional Details: //
This full-time position is based at our office in the River North neighborhood of Chicago, IL. We believe in fair pay and transparency, and we anticipate this position's compensation to be between $70k to $110k in cash and .25% to 2% in equity, depending on experience. We offer full health, medical, dental, and vision coverage, and we pay 99.9% of your premiums. In addition, we have unlimited vacation and sick pay, and we're decent, fair, and flexible people to work with (perhaps the most valuable perk).

// Interested? //
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